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  • Nightmare3711

    I would love this as a feature. While pinning can be useful if there's important info everyone needs to know, there are those times when it's just not necessary, but still needs to be remembered or looked back on. This could be useful for reminders or as notes for certain things, or could even be used as a bookmark to return to somewhere you left off in a chat or someone's story. I would welcome this feature.

  • Jvm

    Nothing new to be invented - just implement telegram's logic. ezpz

  • sake0706

    Just googled it and hoped that the feature is already there somewhere but I just couldn't find it. Found this suggestion instead. :( It would be so nice to have it! 

  • TheNja09

    While it is a good idea, I feel this could be a potentially bad idea in some cases:
    1. Keeping patreon/payed content available after expiration
    2. Keeping deleted messages is not a good idea in general
    To fix this, only saved messages should be available if you can access them yourself. If you were kicked from a server or lost privileges to a channel, that saved message would become unavailable.

  • Sir Fritz

    @TheNja09 I would not recommend anyone rely on Discord to be DRM for paid expiring content. The other concern about losing access to a message is a good one; however, if you viewed the message I don't know that you should lose access to that message. If I wanted to save a message, I could simply screenshot, copy/paste text, or open inspector and copy/paste contents as html.

    @Jvm Telegram's "logic" is secret security and not truly secure. None the less, that is unrelated to this suggestion.

  • Joelle (Lonkelle)

    I need this so much. Rn I'm just screenshotting important things and it's a hassle since it would be much better in app (similar to how pinning or @ mention work).

  • jcrbcn

    Yes please! It's a fundamental feature.

  • Joelle (Lonkelle)

    For real. Especially with its claim to fame of keeping all text history. What’s the point if you can’t keep a special reference (save message) for all important posts?

  • It's not a telegram's only logic, btw. Facebook, Slack, Vk has it too. It's logic by itself. Since I've got an email it was the safest way to back up my diploma (in the early 2000's we have had no clouds, so I just sent my files to myself). It's always a good idea to have a notebook in a handy place. So it would be a great feature.

  • IgorKirdeika

    This feature would be very useful for those who use the app as remote work platform. Some job requests could be saved to be used as backup or invoice data complement. Thanks.

  • Андрей Квитка (3D)

    After months of intense use of amazing Discord application, I found that we actually do have this feature. Just add your own server and send files there!)

  • Henna

    Please modify your software to allow a way to save an iPhone Discord Member's conversation into a file on computers such as a MacBook Pro. This is important for future reference. I am a member of a large research group that just switched to Discord. Without a message saving feature, Discord is useless to researchers who need to access past conversations and results of other researchers.

  • aesuwa

    Can we have this please?

  • Chickenzzzzzzzz

    This is very needed and is also called "Bookmarking". Literally almost every mass chat platform has this and Discord has become a huge wealth of knowledge and communication, we need thisssss!

  • mrRootLog

    It would be great, this is the only reason why I use telegram. If this future was available I would love to uninstall telegram)

  • Mar Colino García

    Facilitaría muchísimo las cosas esta funcionalida, please add it

  • rhys

    Yes please.

  • majorgear

    +1 this ! I use a similar feature in Slack , Reddit, and other apps.

  • MartaG

    Hope they dev this feature asap!

  • wigglethesnake

    yes please! especially since some school work are now being held on discord due to the pandemic, a save/bookmark feature like that would is really neede!

  • bob

    +1 this would be very neat

  • netdevops

    at least allow us to DM ourselves =) 

  • Clara Romeiro

    i would love this, it is a must have!

  • YanisBft

    This is a great and needed idea!

  • pointless_3456

    Sir Fritz any idea when this feature will be present on discord? what i mean is did anyone from the discord team update you? I really want this feature as there are too many screenshots 😒

  • zezima

    I feel like this is a must need on a platform like discord. Can’t believe it’s still not there

  • entondelmonte

    Please implement this already. Everybody is waiting for it (even if they don't know yet) ;)

  • Hermione

    why is it not a thing yet? posted 3 years ago...
    let us save the message before sending it to someone.
    so later on I can easily right-click on my chatbox then through my saved message section, select the message that I've saved before and easily send it.


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