Go Live viewers limit


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  • lumb'er
    great idea
  • tadaas

    I'm going to bump this, because I think the fact that Go Live has the same limit as group chats is a bit ridiculous. There's really no point to the feature. However, if Nitro Boosted servers could increase that number, it could find some use.

  • Finn_Underwood

    Hopefully it's just a Beta thing, and the actual cap will be raised in the future, however hosting a bunch of livestreams does often require some serious hardware, so... who can say.

  • FadedSven

    I would love to opt for a higher base limit if they are planning on using Nitro Boost as an increase base limit, since I am happy this thing is out and I can stream my art stuffs with it, but if its gonna cap at 10 sounds oofed

  • Dale

    I absolutely agree with this. Depending on how boosted a server is, could basically raise the spector limit by a certain amount. For example lvl 1 adds 5-10 (15-20 total spectators for one Go Live), lvl 2 an additional 5-10 (max 30 spectators) lvl 3 adds 10-15 (a total of 40-45 max spectators)

  • Modeseven

    Please. This limit is frustrating.

    I'd gladly purchase nitro if it means I can broadcast to more than 10 people. Limitless broadcasting would be worth getting nitro for. I have no need for emojis and such but you have me sold there. Discord is so close to being a viable public streaming service for art and games.

  • Chibi243

    Should just be free adding more people. Shouldn't have been limited in the first place.

  • Classic Style

    Given the whole covid WFH movement, I would really like to see the limit raised again from 50-100. The feature is much better than anything zoom offers, and we use it in a business environment where it makes a lot of sense for us to spend a little extra on it.

  • Loek

    I second this. We use Discord for online classrooms now. One class has about 15 students. If the limit goes down again to 10, we have a huge problem. I should add  that our server has been boosted max, just showing that people are definitely willing to pay for this.

  • Wowbagger

    I wish the limit would be 60 on a boosted server, level 2. So we can have 2 classes looking at the stream.


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