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  • MTG
    I've same
  • sotodefonk

    Please, save the gif favorites in the cloud.

    I use the client with my same account while at work, at home, and on mobile on the move, hate that i dont have the same gifs that i do on home.

    Then recently, had some issues at home where I needed to reinstall discord a couple of times, each time losing the gif favorites.

    At the moment, i have a personal server where i have the gifs posted on a channel and i can re-add them, but i shouldn't have to do that every time.

  • wiichicken

    I agree, adding this feature would benefit a lot, and probably would not take up too much server storage, because I think it's just a list of image urls.

  • Skye

    Yeah, when I log out of discord, my favorites list for GIFs gets "wiped". They're still marked as being favorited when someone else sends them to me, and ones I had favorited will show up in the preview for my list of favorite GIFs, but I can't view them in my favorites list unless I unfavorite and refavorite them.


    I am in this same boat and I am trying to desperately figure out a way to recover them. Have any of you guys figured out a way to recover what ever cache they store it on? Is there a way to recover? I was in the same boat with them at least being still favorited, but now they don't even have that anymore due to an update. I literally have no way of recovering them unless I am able to remember hundreds of gifs key words, and find them personally, or be able to readd a cache somewhere.

    what makes me even more upset is that the advise the only person to respond in my report of the issue was to *reinstall* discord entirely. Like, they wanted me to delete *everything* and start completely over. that makes 0 sense. There HAS to be some kind of cache somewhere.

    Im not happy about this at all, and if this is a known bug that they havent even fixed im a little upset. I mean, I have restarted my PC, logged in and out, and done all of that numerous times in the years I have been favoriting gifs, and not once did this happen. it makes no sense at all.


    After looking into this, I have discovered its a known issue and has been for over a year at least. everyone seems to think Discord has been "working on a fix" but I cant imagine it takes a year to get to this... Please fix this issue and please offer a way for people to back up their gifs. it makes 0 sense to let this kind of thing happen.

  • Fricc

    Personally I agree, but there should be an option in settings to clear your favorited gifs instead.
    I had a gif issue where I couldn't unfavorite gifs and it was really broken and logging out a few times fixed it. So personally I think they should fix this issue but also add an option to clear them.

  • headyoghurt

    The fact that this is still a problem a year later truly says something about the dev team's priorities. Keep your eastereggs. Keep your animated banners. Let's start with personal preference persistence to the degree that favorited items don't disappear when simply logging off and back on, from the same device, without even exiting the application. The absolute state of all this. It's remarkable, really.

  • Ty3Dy3

    Still no resolution, more gifs lost. RIP. Perhaps I should just cancel my nitro.

  • ki

    Discord has still not added this feature, perhaps it’s more overhead than it’s worth. Their own apps should at least be consistent with these things, from a software standpoint. oh well.

    For anyone willing to go into discord dev settings (hint: it’s easy), use this short writeup on GitHub to download a copy of your current gif favourites. You can copy and paste them across devices as well =)


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