I can't Move Channels (rearrange) Up and down for PC Windows 10.!


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  • Alleria Caelum

    Okay so I was having this issue but I figured out the problem! So when you go to click and drag a channel, before it didn't really matter where your mouse cursor was, so long as it was on the channel in the sidebar... However, this no longer seems to be the case, at least not for me. I had to put my mouse cursor to very left side of the channel's name.. to the left of the #. When you hover your cursor over the channel name, it changes to a glove(?), but I had to move my cursor to the left of the # until the cursor didn't change. When I clicked and tried to drag, it worked~ Sorry if this is a weird explanation but I was going crazy that I couldn't click and drag anymore until I accidentally had my cursor in that position.

  • Elytra

    I am running into the same issue with Discord on my web browser. I used to be able to drag channels, but now I can only drag categories. Dragging channels was never a problem for me before.

  • darkknightx2

    It worked Alleria Caelum



  • darkknightx2

    Same problem here

  • pash.M80

    Just noticed this too. I got the impression it was no longer an option for the browser app. Would be a pain if that were the case.

  • HeatherJVC

    Whoah! That did it.. Thank you Alleria!! It's a pain, but it worked.. Thanks a lot and no your explinantion was fine. It helped a dummy like me lolol Thank you.

  • Cosimo

    Same problem here for quite some time now... two months or so.

    I can reorder channels on Windows XP, but not on Windows 10.

  • hxr403

    On the Desktop Version it works normaly. This happens only on the Webapp

    But thanks to Alleria Caelum It works now !!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
    But pls Discord, fix this. Make it like in the Desktop Version

  • Pondgaze exists

    For me it keeps saying "Upload to general!" So I do what it says but it still wont let me.

  • merennulli

    Alleria's workaround saved the day!

    Now, Discord, fix this. There is absolutely no universe in which "add attachment" is what the user is trying to do when dragging a channel name. I don't know what feature you were trying to inject but this is a very clear and problematic bug, especially for Windows 10 touch interfaces where touching and dragging tiny corners isn't feasible.

  • Sano Manjiro
    To fix this issue:
    1. If you have a channel dragged as a link - open the server menu (from where you can go to the server settings) and select "Show all channels"
    2. The channel simply does not move - try moving it either by the gear (channel settings) or by the empty space on the left  
  • foxobyte

    Hi Everyone! :D

    After I checked “Show All Channels” I was able to click and drag channels and categories again.

    Hope that helps! :D


  • sav go away

    I'm still having that issue, weird. :/

  • French Peppa

    Same issue here, I used to be able to just fine and suddenly, maybe 2 or so weeks ago, I just couldn't anymore.

  • taylor

    same issue. windows 10 desktop app. i've tried the solution from Alleria Caelum without luck

  • Jarl Oza

    Tnx for the help...it worked...Alleria Caelum

  • spockery

    For those having problem with the desktop app (PC) I closed discord and then went to the taskbar. Then pressed "Show hidden icons" (the up arrow by your clock/date on windows) and right clicked "Quit discord" on the discord icon there. Then I restarted discord and I could drag the servers around normally again.

  • Gamabunta

    Not working on Linux app (.deb) either

  • Username Not Found

    still haven't fixed the bug that prevents you from rearranging the servers..... surprise surprise

  • fireboy

    thank you Alleria Caelum it worked

  • Nathan Riddle

    Having similar issue too.

    When I select the channel to move to a new folder no matter where I click the channel thinks I'm trying to upload a channel to itself as a message. Very strange.

    Edit: I just figured out what Alleria was trying to say. If I click in the empty area between the highlighted channel bubble (to the left of the #) then I can drag. Thanks!

    (Brave) Version 1.32.106 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • ktdkaushal

    Thanks Alleria Caelum and Nathan Riddle

  • TangoHold

    Alright so i found out what to do LISTEN to Nathan Riddle His advice is REALLLLLY helpful so you know the channel go ALL THE WAY TO THE LEFT and then you can drag it idk why discord would make this annoying system but it is what it is.


  • YouserName_

    Alleria Caelum 

    omg tysm it helped a lot

  • Lord Hebus

    Alleria Caelum You saved my day !! Was turning crazy until i found you message !! THANK YOU !! To anyone : the tipe works well. As crazy as it looks, it works. Youhou !!! 

  • NhanAZ

    This error has continued to appear.

  • polite hulk

    The fact it's happening a year later is so wild to me. Alleria Caelum thank you so much.

  • Yes, thx Alleria Caelum. I just got this problem and your way, it worked. It works some times. It's a pain because on my PC it doesn't show the gloves. -_-

  • BraveRoad

    same i can't move channals it goes to move the channals to like files


  • smhkiri

    Happening to me too. Dragging from the left doesn't fix it.


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