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  • ITWolf


  • jay.

    Whats the point of having the checkmark then? If Discord is tired of dealing with fraudulent applications, why remove the only one of the perks? Shouldn't they remove all of them? What if someone makes a bot just to get the checkmark next to it? Makes no sense why they would suddenly remove the badge with no warning. 

    The people that just spent 100+ hours making a bot should at least be rewarded with the badge... I mean, it's not the end of the world but like... it was a stupid decision just to remove it out of no where. It was the last thing I expected. 


    My suggestion: Silently return the badge meaning, give the legitimate developers the badge for all before a certain date. Don't just remove it out of no where. I submitted my application on the 20th uninformed of the removal until a couple days later.




  • jay.

    The 100+ Hours I spent coding my bot...

    It is quite unfair how a sudden announcement changes something effective immediately. When I first heard about the developer badge, I immediately attempted to learn a coding language. I learned C# ( It became the most time consuming thing in my life. When I had learned enough to get started, I did. I spent hours every day coding my bot and getting it on new servers. I told all of my friends and before I knew it I was at 75. I submitted the verification application as soon as I was able only to find out a couple days later, the badge was no longer available.

    My email to Discord
    "On August 20th, I submitted my Discord Developer Bot application. That same day, I had gotten my bot on 75 servers. I fit all of the requirements I read online, I spent 2 months working on this bot dedicating 100+ hours to making and improving the bot only to find out that there was an announcements saying...

    "So, as of today--August 19, 2020--we are changing the “Verified Bot Developer” profile badge to the “Early Verified Developer” badge, and will not be granting it to anyone who submits for approval after today. If you have already submitted your application, you will still receive the badge."

    I immediately checked to see what day I submitted the application and I was one day late. This announcement was sudden and unexpected. I thought I had until October 6th. That is what I was told. I have been using discord for a couple years and I have tried and tried to collect more badges. First, I tried the bug hunter, then the partner and now this one. I learned my first coding language and spent months, coding the bot, setting up a website and even a database.

    I spent money to host the bot every month and buy a domain for the website. I worked so hard mostly to receive the badge.

    Please, Discord, tell me there is a way to get this badge. I missed it by one day. The day before, the bot was on 70 servers, and on the 20th, I reached 75.

    I know the bot will still have the check mark next to it but please, allow me to get the developer badge. I worked so hard for it."


    Obviously this email was not read... I received a response saying exactly what the announcement had said.

    This situation is really unfair to Discords valued users. Thousands of people legitimately coded a bot and looked forward to receiving this badge and discord removes it in an instant thinking it means nothing to their users.

    I have been using discord for years and have probably spent 1000+ hours using it and I have paid for nitro ever since the beginning. I will likely cancel my nitro subscription and move on from discord. I know it's just a badge, but this legit hurt my mental health. I stayed up till' 3am some nights advertising and working on my bot. Once I submitted my application, I could not sleep... I was so exited to get the badge... but no, not anymore.

    I believe I am a valued discord customer, I have probably spent over $300 for my nitro subscription and gifts for others and for them to do this is really unfair.

    I have probably spent more time on discord than I have playing any video game. It is probably the thing I do most...

  • Xitharis

    I agree. I've been wanting to code a small economy Discord Bot for a while now, but I always put it off to try other coding projects. But when I heard about the Verified Bot & Dev program on Discord, I came back to building my bot, in hopes that my efforts might actually be rewarded. I code to get credit and recognition from others, not to waste money on hosting and a domain each month and a butt load of time, just to then beg the users of my bot to "follow my patreon" to sustain the bot. No, all I wanted was to get the badge so people know I'm for real when I talk about code, not some newbie kid who wants to look cool, who, believe you me, I've met a lot on Discord and they didn't know jack-diddly-squat and weren't as involved in code as I am either.

    Either way, I started working a lot more on my bot recently, wanting to finish it, get it out there and get it verified, so then people can see that I'm not some dreamer, that I have goals in my coding career, and that I achieve them, and now they just get stomped out because some people sent fraudulent reqs for the badge? This pisses me off.

    I get that Discord has a lot on their hands, and that dealing with fakes takes a lot of time, but come on. I think they shouldn't actually take it away 100%, no, that makes me feel like Discord is a preschool classroom, and a few kids did something bad on the playground so now no one can go there. Rather than that, I'd want it to be based on a referral system, that if the bot is used and requested a lot, as in the bot is always seen to be active and the users are using it, too, then the bot dev is legit and not just making some random bot for all their friends to add.

    The checkmark on the bot can be given whenever since barely anyone cares if a bot is verified or not, but the badge should be given to the developer when he proves to be actively changing the bot and actually invested in coding, not badge hunting.

    Either way, I guess this is the end of it, since Rabbit Tank responded saying "they have no plans to bring it back, ever", which is their way of putting "it's gone and we don't care about your opinion" lightly. Seems like they don't care about their customers as much as we thought they did. Sad.

    And for those who think I'm not a dedicated Discord user, I've had Nitro for almost 2 years now (started 6 days after they stopped giving the "early supporter badge" which made me even more mad) and I'm on Discord CONSTANTLY. It's the only messaging app I use. Don't have snapchat, don't use TS, haven't used Skype in millennia, so seeing them do this to everyone is a huge blow.


  • Xitharis

    Soheab_ and @Bobby(Pikachu)

    I get where you're coming from, but devs like me, who are new to coding and want to start some easy project like coding a minecraft plugin or coding a discord bot, want a good challenge to start them off. The rewards from completing that challenge might sway their decision to what they're gonna code. For example, I wanted to start my first coding project to be a minecraft server and it's plugins (I'm an amateur to code but I want to learn) and I switched over to trying to code a Discord Bot using JS, since there are many minecraft servers out there, but coding a Discord bot that's good and gets even slightly popular and gets in 75 guilds will give the great reward of a badge that shows your dedication to the craft. This badge, unlike a minecraft plugin/server, could actually be used to show in an application when freelancing or applying for a small position.

    To be honest, I get Discord's POV, but completely removing it was, as Bobby said, "blowing this out of proportion". There are Discord servers, Minecraft servers, Websites, etc. who get hundreds of applications to become staff or get something special, and they don't just remove the ability to get the rank/badge in hopes that people will stop applying so much.

    All I'm saying is, Discord didn't deal with this properly and they made their decision without thinking, and now they're suppressing the community's feedback to this, thinking "it'll blow over". I, for one, won't forget this decision.

  • apfel

    Why tf?

    I've invested more than 200+ hours in it. I find it very ungrateful and stupid of discord to remove the only real reward. Nevertheless, I will continue to program my bot, as I don't want to disappoint all users of my bot.

  • Luminous

    Ridiculous decisions made by Discord. They should add the bot developer badge back and change the requirements for verification. Discord should also make it so you have to send a piece of your code to them, or all of it. If a few people ruin it for many true developers, the process should get a revamp. Developers deserve to be recognized, and the badge could also help them with freelance jobs in the future. They also should have gave us a warning instead of on the day the process was going to change other than just a discord server. I believe they should put out a notice on their social media platforms and Discord Community Updates to inform as many upcoming developers about the change. They should extend it to October 7, 2020, when the massive update comes.

  • NeTT

    Imagine making a discord bot from scratch, learning about the verified dev badge and trying your best to make the bot as good as possible before submitting for verification but then some people complain that people are buying that badge and so discord closes the badge. I mean it's just one more month till the deadline for restrictions. What made them not even wait for that one more month? That badge was seriously the only perk for the developer and now they're killed it. I agree that the badge should go. But at least announce it a day or two before killing it. I really wish they extend the badge till the verification deadline tho.


    Completely not agreeing. Look, you know that badge is cool, right? You would've wanted it as well, won't ya? So why do you want to take it US, the ones who were given the honor to luckily get it, away? Please view this from my perspective. Anyway, discord does not see how much effort or time was put into in a bot and if it was made just for the badge or not. So keep that in mind. Just stopping the badge is a good thing. Not cool, ngl, but it was their decision we need to respect, because every view, opinion or situation needs to be respected. In your view, I would be insulted as well, but see I got projects running and started discord bots even without knowing about the badge.
    Even after the 19th of August, I am continuing my projects and so on. Stop shitstormin discord, please!!!
    You're sincerely

  • Xitharis I have no idea what your argument there was but ok.

    Point is, whether it's cool or not, it was a symbol. HypeSquad Events badge, Bug Catcher badge, these are all badges that anyone could get easily, and it was even easier to badge hunt these badges, yet people complain about Bot Dev Badge being huntable and cool and idfc what else.

    My point being that the Dev Badge was something different. Unlike events or bug catcher, it actually showed that you did something and you're not some dumb ass that spends his whole day staning Discord, no. It was a way to show others, or people at an interview, or when you're applying for a small project, that you know your shit in coding. Instead of changing the requirements to actually make sense though (rather than 75 servers, have the bot be used all the time and have actual code in it would be better) they made the horrible decision to take it out. I bet you Discord wasn't even checking if the bot was online, they just checked the guild count then gave the badge.

  • Christian

    Though I didn't create my bot for the sole purpose of getting the badge, I would've loved a prior notice telling me about the news. It was disheartening; even though it was just a badge, it showed off that you were supporting Discord by creating apps, making it easier for the users.

    Also, if verification is just about getting your bot verified, why let the "early developers" keep it? What if we were developing (or publishing) the bot before the deadline in October? What's different from us and the people who were fortunate enough to get their bot verified before the obscure notification was released?

    I'll continue to work on my bot, but this entire situation is disappointing. 

  • justiceserv

    I didn't know about this until now, and I don't think this is a good idea. 

    Not sure that I am the only one who didn't get this news, but I also agree with the post, Discord should have posted DMs to people who are in teams or owner of bot application! 

    Even though I was fortunate enough to apply for bot verification and got approved yesterday, I think Discord really should think about this seriously again. 

    For me, the badge was one of the biggest reasons why I wanted my bot to be verified, and Discord just ruined most of the developer's dream. Upvoted.

  • Sikuş

    Please Look My Application Verification Request.

  • rust

    A couple of months ago, I and a couple of friends who were programming students set the goal of creating a bot with many options and that could offer many things to users, I had promised them that if everything went well and we had the opportunity to reach many people and they would give us a nice verified badge, today in the morning one of them found out about this and he was a little disappointed, I understand that many people are not doing things well but as many of these comments say, there are people who work hard every day to do this, And as silly as it sounds to have that badge meant a lot to us, it was a goal that we wanted to achieve and for which we have been working these weeks. I don't think it was right to do this either.

  • Authoro

    I feel like Discord just took the lazy way out.

    They kept the badge for those that were able to be verified first, and stopped giving it out afterwards. If they wanted to remove the badge... then REMOVE the badge, don't let a few keep it and remove the ability for others to obtain it who worked just as hard.

    Of course I would like to see the badge return, but if it doesn't then I don't think others should be rewarded with a badge because they were lucky, or knew how to code before I could? I feel that it's just flat out lazy and careless. You had plenty of options to chose from.

    Additionally, you released the badge initially as a reward for developer's hard work, to say they accomplished something. But now I guess it means that you're just lucky. And you took away developer's rewards, and you went back on what the badge was supposed to mean.

    Of course I will still work hard to complete my bot's verification either way, as it is still a great project I believe others should use... but come on guys.

  • cyanide

    Enough salt here to turn a lake into an ocean. People developing bots for a badge are precisely the reason why Discord took away the badge in the first place lol. If you can't be arsed to develop good bots because you want to develop good bots, don't do it.

  • User_Unavailable

    Most people like myself didn't wrote their bot for the badge, but the reason why we are complaining about it is because part of the developers dont get any recognition from their work anymore. and giving another part of the developers that recognition we should get aswell is unfair and it should be changed. there are alot of ways the discord team could have changed it in a fair way but they didn't. that checkmark next to your bots name is cool and all and it makes your bot more trustworthy but it doesnt give the developers the recognition they should have got by getting the profile badge

  • BayGamerYT

    To discord that badge is just a badge. For a developer who truly strives and spends a lot of time it is an achievement.

    When you remove it because people get this badge in a not so legal way without being a true developer you are taking away that motivation from those who truly strive to have it.

    It's not just a great achievement or a medal on your profile. It's proof that you tried hard and you got it. It can also help you let others know that you are a real developer and not just a guy who copies code or uses github bots, it opens a lot of doors.

    I think the decision made by discord is very bad. Luckily I have had time to send verification for a bot, and we are already going wrong because I would have been lucky to get it to send the verification before

    I have read many disappointed and unmotivated people to keep creating applications, only in this post. Now imagine that to all the people who had as main motivation the badge.



  • Yam

    -1 I disagree.

    Whilst I agree this gave people a new found incentive to develop their bots, the effort and skill required to copy and paste a bot has ruined Discords trust in their community to do the right thing.

    Extreme lengths are being taken like using others passports, paying for team positions, paying for bot shoutouts and bot sharing.

    The amount of verification requests would have easily been in the 100s. Heck maybe even 1000s a day.
    The abrupt stop of the badge would indicate to me that only 10% of all requests were actually legitimate.

    This is the right choice. Discords Community is the issue, and if the badge was to be brought back, there would need to be just as many insane restrictions that would cause more controversy; and even then people would find ways to abuse it.

  • cyanide

    Of course people would abuse it lol. There are tutorials available on youtube on how to get to 100 servers for bot verification. Maybe the 10 people here might not abuse it, but there are 1000s out there who will basically do the bot version of paying for followers or 'likes'

  • Polliog

    Discord for more than a year has been making decisions that don't suit me, and it's a shame since I've been using discord for 4 years anyway. I hope they retrace their steps and change their decision

  • Cocorito

    It was very disappointing to read this news. I hope that at least until October 7th we laugh at the possibility of getting it. It is really unfair that some users have received it and others have not, despite the immense work done by the developers convinced they will get it. I have faith in Discord and I really hope they come back.

  • Stormy

    I am devastated to learn the news by chance ... Such a beautiful project developed for months, a great recognition to the key, and ... Very very sad.

  • deleting discord ;-;

    I've always wanted the verification badge. Countless hours wasted making bots, I didn't make bots for the verification badge. But none the less i'm over here paying for hosting and advertising so that eventually I to could get the badge, I am devastated and will probably stop hosting for my bot. As I just don't see a reason to have it anymore, I will never get recognition for my hardwork and people never ask me to make them bots because I don't have the verification badge... Getting this badge was my dream, and at 14 i'd be the coolest having it, on top of that nobody ever believes I know my stuff because I don't have verification. My bot was in 30+ servers, and whats the point of getting the check mark on my bot to unlock restrictions if my bot doesn't use it anyways. Thanks Discord, that was real nice.

  • Not a vibing cat

    Please bring that badge back!

  • deleting discord ;-;

    Bobby(Communist Pikachu)#3605 dude, people don't believe that you make bots if you don't have the badge these days...

  • いずみくん

    I just got to know about this change, and I can agree with all of you guys. I've been working on my bot for a long time, and I was really excited to get this profile badge.


    It is very sad to see the badge go, and I really hope that Discord will one day bring it back.

  • deleting discord ;-;

    its sad :(

  • डाकूメOP

    I agree all information

  • डाकूメOP

    I agree all information


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