2FA requirement for moderation


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  • rocstar3000

    Man, discord 2FA is a way to put your account on a high level of security that makes you able to do more delicate things like manage a big partner server or make a discord team to create bots and that kind of thing that makes you able to see more sensitive information about users. Discord put an option for use a phone number as a form to recuperate your account if you loose your smartphone or what else you use for authenticate that you are you.

    Google Auth is an app from google (and you probably already pass the number, email and other things for use google services) and by the way the Google Authenticator don't ask you anything so you can just use and be happy. But if you don't save your 8 code .txt and don't pass a number for discord and loose the access for Google Auth for what else reason you will loose your account.

    That is one reason for use the another app (Authy) that keeps a way for backup all of yours 2FA saved there if you need (But you can use without the backup too).

  • 56kul

    You do realize that a third-party app is not needed for Discord's 2FA? You just need to have a phone number that you could receive messages from, as a message containing the 2FA code would be sent to that number whenever you'd try to log in (with 2FA enabled). You can use a 2FA app as well if you'd like to, but it's not required. Additionally, you would NEVER be asked to hand out any personal information in a trustworthy 2FA app, they would only ask for a special code that would be provided to you when you'd set up the 2FA protection (you may also use a QR code instead). Also, Google has made its own 2FA app, you can trust them with such information! I personally have been using Google's 2FA app for many years now and I never had a problem with that app. Also, 2FA is not something that was created to oppose disabled people...? I'm autistic myself and I know how to set up, use, and disable 2FA without a problem, so I don't understand what's your point here. To put it simply, 2FA is used to give your account(s) a second layer of protection, which results in people not being able to access your account even if they managed to get your password. I totally understand why the server that you're in requires their moderators to have 2FA enabled!


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