Nitro Boosting - Have the audit log keep track of who gains and loses the nitro boosting role


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  • almostsuspense
    when you remove your boost you lost the booster role
  • Ane

    Yes, but the audit logs do not track this, thus it's difficult to see who is still in it and not in it, especially for larger servers.

  • username
    I think audit log entries like "(user) boosted the server" / "(user) removed their boost)" *would* be nice
  • bellerina

    This would be VERY helpful. I give gifts to my nitro boosters. Learning if they unboost from my server after receiving them would give a lot of clarity.

  • meagansan2000

    This feature would be very useful to server owners and moderators to keep track of boosters for gifts and many other reasons!

  • SDK

    this is a good feature to introduce so you can keep track of who boosts and unboosts


  • Crutionix

    i agree with meagan

  • FroZenHelix

    makes since being able to see who stops boosting would be super helpful 


  • leave me

    Great feature request!

  • Tazia

    We need to be able to see if people boost to get some kind of benefit in the server they are in, and then immediately after, they unboost. We should be able to see if they are using both boosts as well, and logs of when they boost and unboost.

  • Ane

    I made this 4 months ago back when boosting was brand new to the scene, and didn't expect several replies to it when I woke up for sure. I'd like to additionally say, now that things have changed a bit, a few other features would also be nice:

    • The act of boosting and not just the role being logged. If a user boosts it should be seen in the audit log, even if they already have the role. And in the same way, if they remove their boost, you should still see it, even if they still have the role afterwards. This would be extremely nice.
    • The tracking of integrated roles as a whole being an addition to the audit logs. Integrated roles are currently not tracked at all in the audit logs, and if more are introduced at a later date, this would be an issue with those as well



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