Multi-Server voice and text channels.


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  • infini

    that would be great for mixing communities. I have a gta online community but I'm going to fivem, and I'm already in another small discord server to play fivem, but my discord server is bigger and organized, and is a SOLID group, but most of the people are not playing gta online atm and I want to invite people to play fivem on their fivem dedicated server, because is nice and I don't need to create another one. but I want people who play fivem with them to join voice channels on my discord server and still could be visible and joinable to people on their server. that way people will not need to move to another discord server and I'll keep my group active.

  • bongo

    Discord is great when you want to build a community for a specific topic/are of interest. However, my experience is that my quite large group of friends play different games, are themselves or follow different streamers, with the consequence that our group of friends have been fragmented cross different communities.

    We can no longer go into one server as "home", find that we're all gathered and jump into each other's voice channels. Back in the days, when we used TeamSpeak, everyone was gathered and in one place. After we moved to Discord, our community is split between 4-5 discord servers, which is sub-optimal.

    I guess Discord's way of thinking is that you achieve this "home" by moving between servers, but for all practical reasons this does not work. Discord is great for many communities, but also ruin other communities by splitting them up.

    However, cross-server voice and text channels would solve this. Please prioritize!

  • merkR

    This is a fantastic idea. Could we get someone from Discord to comment on this?

  • Isaac

    I'm surprised this hasn't picked up traction in 2 years. I still would love to have this feature.

  • Isaac

    Discord has similar functionality with the announcement channels, so I'd think it wouldn't be too hard to manipulate that a little to allow this.


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