Non-Nitro users can use animated in-server emojis within the boosted server


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  • arcbarkzap

    Since level 2 is basically useless at the moment, it would make more sense for it to be a level 2 feature. Besides that, this would be a great feature.

  • Commander Shid

    This would be such an awesome feature.

  • JAM4L

    Sounds dope

  • Darkk

    Would be great , But should be given in 2nd level or 3 

  • roberto

    Very good, finally a good idea

  • Hakisak

    would be really cool.
    people saying it should be for lvl 2 or 3 are absolutely insane.
    for people with small servers getting to the second boost lvl is impossible and outrageously expensive.

  • JustYourAvgGuy

    Si this is cool

  • Magikarp

    if we are paying (nitro user) its not for allow everyone to use external emoji. And dont say "i am paying for supporting discord" . We are paying for support, but also mostly for the advantage. Level 3 would be okay, but already not enough.

  • SmittyWJJ

    As someone said this would be awesome to be at level one for small privat servers. Since even level 2 is pretty much unreachable.

    For bigger servers on the other hand it would be more fitting at level 2 or 3.

  • Magikarp

    Obviously get downvotted by free user. But trust me, no one who paid would like to see that people who don't pay get premium feature.

    As an addition, Basic nitro would be way less attractive as, even if there is other perks, using all emoji in a server at level 1 for nitro would require only one person to get everyone premium perk wich would mean most of server would reach that. In other hand, if there is a little server where member are mostly in this server, that's would suggest that they could get emoji premium perk at a very low price, considering they're all friend and they could cut the price by n° of people inside the server.

    I'm sure they will never implement this at this would be a punch in their own stomach (discord)

  • trollkat

    If everyone was able to use animated emojis at server level 1 then there would be a very little amount of reasons why you should get nitro classic since animated emojis is one of the most used features of nitro. It would probably be best if this perk was for level 2 and 3 servers.

    And i agree with Magikarp because i wouldn't like it if people who didn't pay for nitro get premium features.

    Discord would never add this because they would probably lose a lot of money if people weren't buying nitro.

    I'm ready to get downvoted by all the free users

  • pitch

    I would love to see that

  • Dimosthenis

    Not level 1, too cheap and easy to get, would be abused, at least level 2.

  • magicviper

    I'm all for level 2. This is a feature that is making gifs for free to most users. I get lvl 2 is hard to get for small servers but its not like they are limiting something you already have.

  • kiritodestroyer7543

    sounds great, but im thinking level 2 or 3 as lvl 1 would be too easy as 1 subscription would be enough for like so many people to get animated emojis

  • roberto

    I think it would depend of the size of the server, so 500+ has to have lvl 2 or something idk

  • Phixie

    Good idea but it would be at least in Level 3/4 (new level) or only in partnered servers. Because it would be bad for Discord, they have to sell nitros to make money.

  • Shady Goat

    Sounds cool, but i think that only verified servers should be able to do that

  • ad-astra

    I’d love it if this were available as a Level 2 feature. I’d be more motivated to help buy Nitro and Boosts for the server I’m a mod in if it meant everyone could unlock not only more emoji but animated ones specifically in that server. Great idea!

  • WildEggnog

    Nitro user here. I'd love for my friends to get to use the animated emojis in our server too. Fun part about nitro is using them anywhere, I don't think this feature would devalue nitro. As a small server owner tho, it'd be great at level 1 since there are so many small, private servers. A level 2 or higher boost probably wouldn't be maximized in a less than 50 person server anyway.

  • overload☆

    I've asked for this for ages it's so annoying having animated emojis in a server and not being able to use them just because you haven't got nitro

  • overload☆

    I've asked for this for ages it's so annoying having animated emojis in a server and not being able to use them just because you haven't got nitro

  • Anthonytonyboy

    Current we have: Lvl 1, Lvl 2 and Lvl 3
    Should create new level between 1 and 2
    lvl 1 - 2 boosts
    lvl 2 (new) - 8 boosts  <---  Non-nitro can access animated emotes
    lvl 3 (lvl2) - 15 boosts
    lvl 4 (lvl3) - 30 boosts

  • Kenai

    Downvote me if you want but as a nitro subscriber if they do this they’ll lose my support on the spot.

    If you want animated emojis you should have to pay like the rest of us. If you don’t have a credit card or $5 to burn. Too bad.

  • trollkat

    I agree @kenai. And if people want animated emojis they can just use guilded which has all of discord nitro features but for free

  • AEON

    It shouldn't be a nitro option, it should be a standard feature of discord.  And limit spamming them.  It just destroys things because people are instead, using gif's.  And when you have people joining other servers - just to get an emoji and not even react with that community, it destroys the ability to audit - and that auditing is make or break for a lot of people.  * edit *  - adding - Please stop making it harder - Now if the majority of users were Nitro - I can see this as viable - but even me, as a BOOSTER - I can't even use animated emoji's - it should be a main feature - unless your business model is to shun away the poor in a pandemic that just want to communicate and have some **Flare** in their conversations.

  • Flopsicle

    maybe lv1 for normal small servers but when the server gets in a discord partnership or whatever its called the perk is only available for lv2/3

  • landon

    I'm paying over $200/year Canadian for my Discord server, it's ridiculous that the people that are in it cannot use the animated emoji that I've added. Please add this as either a lvl 1 or lvl 2 perk.


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