Ability to disable DMs from users and/or bots.


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  • EmberQuill

    A simple feature, but a very useful one. Several bots on servers I've joined use DMs to confirm role assignment or provide other useful information. I keep mutual-server DMs turned on to avoid impeding the functionality of these bots, but that opens me up to all the spammers and advertisers to DM me.

  • Sargent1

    Same thing is happening to me. But most of the servers are nsfw and I don’t want them. I just block them but new ones pop up. It sucks. Need to fix that and the report feature too.

  • Lemme_Live

    The same thing as Sargent1 is happening to me - a bunch of like 18+ and NSFW bots DMing me server invites and stuff. I just want to go on about my business w/o DMs form these bots.

  • Elijah

    Yeah, this is so annoying. I disabled DMs from mutual servers and these bots keep spamming me. Block 1 then another one appears. And they are always offline.

  • Smush

    I want discord to have something about this like ban a bot if it sends a server to you or a prevent bot spam system

  • AestheticRavenclaw

    Same for me, but this time it's with users. I don;t want users to DM me, but I want bots to DM me

  • G44Gonzalo

    For me is inversed. I don't want users to DM me, but I want to keep testing/having DM with the bots.


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