Discord on Apple M1 Devices



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  • gman

    I'm running Discord with Rosetta just fine (and have been since M1 launch). 0 issues here. 

    Will be happier though when discord is built using electron 11 and we get some better power usage. 

  • Joy

    The Discord app works for me, M1 Macbook Pro 13"

  • xolo

    Discord works alright through Rosetta 2 on my M1 MacBook Pro 13".

    Native Support would be great tho.

  • creedda

    +1 for native support. Rosetta works fine for now though. Electron 11 supports m1 natively. For all the naysayers, this is how we let Discord know of our interest.


    Apps are being tracked here:


    Not sure if/when discord might get added.



  • cactus.skeptic

    Discord works perfectly fine on M1 Macs using Rosetta. Moving to Electron 11 will probably break a TON of things that are custom made by Discord's developers. Mac users comprise a small subset of Discord's user base and M1 Macs an even smaller subset of that subset. One should NOT expect Discord or any of the major Electron apps to be updated for Apple Silicon support anytime soon.

  • DragonTX

    Slack also runs on Electron and it is already native. I don't expect that it will be a significant challenge.

  • Imre

    Yep slack is out for awhile now and based on their description about the case, the switch was very easy. This is the promise of Electron in the first place ...

  • insats

    +1 for this. I doubt that it will break a ton of things for Discord, it's more a matter of recompiling using latter versions of libraries. Slack's new version is blazingly fast on my new Macbook Air.

  • Zimbu

    I'd also love to see a native Apple Silicon Discord. I understand the user base is a bit smaller, and there may be a bit more work to do, but being able to easily run on different platforms IS the whole point of Electron in the first place. And other Electron apps are already starting to get ported over.

  • WithVision

    I would also be very happy to get an native Apple Silicon (m1) version of Discord!

  • marcozehe

    I would also like to add my +1 for an M1 native build. Electron apps under Rosetta are indeed significantly slower than native M1 ones because of the JavaScript just-in-time compilation differences.

  • aj

    Would definitely love to see native Apple Silicon support. Krisp hasn't worked for me via Rosetta, and I've had a lot of weird trouble with video features.

  • alexclst

    Discord seems to work just fine for me under Rosetta, but I would definitely like to register my +1 for a native build of the app.

  • flying_sausages

    There's a lot of gitchy graphics around on the Rosetta 2 translation (notice the jagged edges below) and I've experienced quite frequent crashes actually.

  • Flori

    OP here, I have had a few problems getting Discord to run on my mac, but it seemed like that was a genereal problem with Discord on macOS, it's all working now! Native M1 Support would still be amazing, and I have also encountered the jagged edges the guy above shared.

  • nap

    +1 would love a native app. Having mixed issues with web client in safari and Rosetta problems for desktop client, in particular issues with voice lag and battery hogging

  • foboss

    +1 for native app

  • Puppercino

    +1 for native app. I'd also love an Apple Silicon version of Discord, while I haven't had major issues on Rosetta, it seems to run my battery quite a bit.

  • Harkon

    +1 for native app

  • akamizu

    +1 for native app

  • spookyBowl

    +1 for native app

  • las3rjock

    +1 for native app

  • lost_boundries



  • Bertz

    Yeah +1 for a native Apple Silicon App!

  • JohnonRye

    +1 for native support

  • Crypto

    +1 would love a native app :-)

  • kafka tamura

    Native support for m1 really is a need, rosetta's discord crashes alot and is a really nasty battery hog. Most of the time it't taking about 20% of the usage. It's seriously no good. I had to install the ipad version manually on my m1 mac so I could finally use discord properly again. Not happy at all and no response from Discord yet.

  • Nagasadri

    I'm no M1 Mac user, but as a guy running Linux on my phone and owner of several Raspberry PIs, i'd really love to be able to run Discord on their ARM processors.

    I suspect a native ARM version would not only benefit M1 mac users but also Raspberry PI and mobile Linux users. The growing number of ARM devices should get the option to run Discord natively.

    Please, make it happen !

  • LumpyCustard

    Seems to work fine for me however i've noticed Discord is a bit resource intensive with Rosetta.

    Also notice that Activity Monitor reports Discord as "not responding" even though it's working. CPU and RAM usage can be pretty high at times as well.

    Native M1 support would be great.

  • UpsetDavid

    Bump, would also like this to be a thing as, while discord runs great via Rosetta, it would be nice to have it running natively. 


    I actually noticed the jagged edges as well - and it didn't happen in the browser - thus I suspected it was brought via the Rosetta execution. 


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