Please let us increase text size on iOS mobile app


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  • almostsuspense
    already a thing on android, i don't even know why this wasn't pushed to ios
  • [IPA] Markas

    It makes no sense to role out this option on Android but not iOS. I am going to lose players in my game when we officially switch over to Discord from Line. 


  • ! Defined ✯

    You already can change in your setting on your iPhone and it will change the text size

  • [IPA] Markas

    Adjusting the text size for all apps on the iPhone isn't the issue. It is that there have been Discord-specific text size adjustments for Android devices. I have members that the text size is fine for everything else. In order to get Discord to a readable size, all other apps are too large. 

  • Frungi

    The text in Discord is significantly smaller than the text across the rest of my iPhone. Please, please either bring it in line with the rest of the OS or make it individually adjustable.

  • Kent Kanobe

    I think this feature is far overdue. Can we please get this soon? This would make my life a bit easier. On desktop and on Android I can change them, but when using my iPad the text is just so small and useless, so much lost and misused space. If we could change the size, the text which still occupies one line can still occupy one line but making it much easier to read. 


  • ShyLittleGirl972

    It seems with every mobile update, the font size is getting smaller. Why isn’t this an option yet? It’s seriously frustrating.

  • scottaw

    Sometimes developers either really don’t use their own product (they’re probably all on the desktop app) or they forget not everyone is them.

  • Trio

    I agree. It’s silly to not make this a in-app option like on Android.

  • Drake Slade Corbett

    I am getting old. The text for the Discord app on my iPhone is too small. Can we please have the option to make it larger?

  • Fanatic

    This is a big accessibility issue. Some people who would like to use my server have a hard time with it because the text in Discord is much smaller than other text on their iOS devices. Sure it scales with the system font, but not in the same way as other apps.

  • andmade

    The lack of app specific font adjustments really lessens my engagement with the platform. I find the font thin and hard to read. I really wish my team were using a different app to organize because of this issue, I had a much easier time keeping track of things and participating when we were using Slack instead. 😔

  • hugthug

    The new iOS 15 allows setting per-app text size, so you can increase the font size for only Discord. Settings > Accessibility > Per-App Settings (at the bottom) > Add App > Discord > Larger Text.

  • jemar707 [ juh-marh ]

    Thank you!

  • Skawt

    Three years and this has never been fixed. Apple’s font scaling is awful and reacts badly with apps that don’t use dynamic scaling. So this results in the channel list, member list, settings and interface portions ballooning to large—and often unusable—sizes. The text being replied to in chat becomes enlarged, takes up two lines which overlap each other, and the bottom line has all dropped characters like p y g j get cut off. Apple is implementing proper display (DPI) scaling that used to be available only through jailbreaking in iOS 16, but it’s only available on M1 devices. Apple claims this is because the lower end devices can’t handle the scaling, but this is a proven lie since jailbreaking has shown it to be viable and doesn’t impact the device. It’s merely a marketing tactic to get people to buy more expensive devices.

    Despite this, Discord really does need to bring the iOS app into sync with the Android app’s capabilities, or at the very least implement dynamic text scaling as provided by Apple. Note: Google not only doesn’t use dynamic text scaling in their apps, but when you use the IOS system text scaling the app text doesn’t increase at all. Just the settings/menu items.

  • Rennyhutch

    This was not a problem with the December 2023 layout update but now there is a new experimental layout being rolled out and it is once again a problem. The text is unbelievably small and just like on the original layout changing it in accessibility settings does not change all the text.  

  • nicky

    the iphone text size was working very well until recently, and now a quarter of the emojis i use are being cut off, which is usually something that’s an issue on ipad, so i gotta vouch. 


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