Hide blocked users from the online user list.


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  • charitwo
    You shouldn't even be able to see that there are blocked messages in the chat.
  • Kirstenly

    I would love this to function in the friends list as well, as it adds them to your friends list and shoves it on the online catagory AS WELL as the blocked one.

    I don't want to see this individual ever again in my life because they are a toxic and abusive person in a server I am in, and their name puts them on the top of my contact list... And they are always online. Please adjust this.


    This would be a huge help! I had to deal with someone who was a friend of mine being toxic and taking me for granted, and they hurt me so much I blocked them. They used to be offline all the time and after I blocked them, I don't know if they come online on purpose because they know I can see them, but I blocked them for a reason and I really don't wanna see their name on my online friends list...

  • DeBiskop

    Still an issue even now, I do not understand how this hasn't been addressed yet.
    I don't even want to acknowledge their existence

    Worst blocking system I've ever come across that does a half a$$ job.
    There should be levels of blocking even,

    level 1, as it is. 

    level 2: additionally hides hidden messages message... and shows the member as some blank blocked question mark in the members list.

    level 3: hides messages completely and member within members list completely. 


  • ChiToxicT

    I wish this was a thing. I'm really trying hard to stay positive in a Discord server I'm in but there are these two people who are just...high up on the server list and I relate to many people's previous experiences with someone who was toxic or abusive because those two people were. I can't help but look at their statuses to see whats going on with them because they're just...up there high up on the server list. I haven't left the discord server because the twitch streamer who owns it is a good friend. I only keep up with them through their discord server because I do have other accounts on social media and follow them there but Discord is the most convenient place to follow what they're doing because I don't really use anything else 24/7 other than Discord.

    I agree with DeBiskop's idea of that system. Though I could see that this feature could be deemed unnecessary by other users and seem like more of a convenience type-of-thing but with Discord's increasing userbase, it doesn't seem too bad to me (considering my experience with those people and other people's experiences with those people). I did wonder how someone would be able to unblock someone (if they ever wish to do so) since their profile would hidden from the server list and messages completely hidden from discord servers since they may choose to even leave the server a blocked person is in. Maybe they could use mee6 but then that might take up a lot of data storage or something or whatever (idk how bots work or how that stuff works) so I thought about how Discord could include a "Completely Blocked Users - Show" under the Blocked users list in "Friends" and unblock someone that way through DeBiskop's proposed idea while the "- Show" part is clickable and shows the list as to how blocked messages are shown in Discord servers. Here are some final thoughts on what DeBiskop said in parenthesis though:

    Level 1: as it is (level 1 people would be shown normally as to how the blocked users list looks now).

    Level 2: additionally hides hidden messages message (and option to show the blocked message; I assume this suggestion is for how a message looks in a discord server?)...and shows the member as some blank blocked question mark in the members list (maybe even at the bottom of the server list visually? maybe that design would be alright or be deemed unnecessary 'cause if you see a blanked question mark at a certain spot high-up in the server list where you'll always see it then you'll just...always know who it is rendering this blocked level system a bit useless...though, what level the user chooses is based on the severity of their experiences with a user so I don't know, maybe just keep Level 2 as it was originally suggested by DeBiskop. This is just a visual suggestion).

    level 3: hides messages completely and member within members list completely.

    This is where my idea of a "Completely Blocked Users - Show" feature comes in (as mentioned and talked about above) under the blocked users list and such...hmmm...maybe level 2 and 3 blocked users could be shown under a section in blocked users as "Users Hidden Even More - Show" or "Users Hidden More - Show" instead of  "Completely Blocked Users - Show". I don't know what phrase would fit the best but yeah, those are my ideas.

    I'm also not sure if this would be an idea that would be deemed unnecessary or not needed to implement right now considering how much coding would have to be done (and how much testing it would need to go through? would it be a useful feature?) and if this would take up unnecessary amounts of storage in the program or servers or something. I don't know know how that other stuff works (I am familiar with how hard it is to code/program something though) so those are related concerns I have and concerns that may be brought up if adding this feature ever becomes possible or significant in the future.

    - ChiToxicT

  • DeBiskop

    Having looked at my idea again and having read @ChiToxicT's thoughts, I think perhaps an adjustment to the current blocking visual presentation would be idea.

    The current blocking system(lets call it level 1) also needs to blank out or remove the user from the regular members list, visually speaking.

    A proposed level two option would be to hide the hidden messages.. message, as well as the member in the member list completely - resulting in not seeing them or anything from them unless you specifically go into the server settings members list or blocked members section of discord.

  • ChiToxicT

    I like those subtle changes to our previous ideas DeBiskop, I think that would work really well! :)

  • lilbigmouth

    I'd very much like to see this implemented. I'm currently out of a server which I'd really like to still be part of, simply because seeing a "blocked" message or seeing a blocked user's username/status triggers an emotional response for me.

  • chriskorosu

    Please implement this, I need it for my mental health

  • KibbenKat

    Please make them disappear from Server Userlists.

  • Sarcasm83

    I would very much appreciate this too, to just hide a user and their status from user lists.

    On the server I'm in, there's a particular user who I don't really know, but they keep writing statuses about suicide pretty much daily and I'd honestly rather not think about suicide every time they think it's a great idea to add a status about slitting wrists etc. This isn't only due to selfishness or inconvenience, but because I'm not in the best mental state either.
    (Yes, I wish they get help and wish I could help, but to them, I'm a total stranger)


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