Please allow administrators to decide the character limit!


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  • Ñyx

    This would be so nice! I've become very frustrated lately myself recently with this issue. 

    I'm on several servers myself (19 to be accurate) and many of them are terrible burdened and hindered by this character limit. Some are for gaming where we need to post a series of states or character descriptions and such and it's such a hassle to have to break that up into a 2 or 3 piece post just to have all of the necessary information out there. 

    Others are for roleplaying specifically and this character limit is a horrendously detrimental feature against being able to post consistently without too many issues. Posts are broken up, formatted incorrectly or when copying and pasting from another (non character limited source like OP mentioned) it will delete part of the text at the bottom leaving posts broken up and choppy without all of the information needed present. 

    I would like to implore the Discord Admins to find a reasonable solution to this so that it can be implemented in one of the next updates. Even if its an option per server to simply turn off the character limit - or again, as OP suggested, have a character limit set of options to choose between that would be great! 

    It would be great to see some traction on this, as I'm positive other's are also having issues with this as well. Coders, Programmers and people in the technical field would be benefited as well aside from those in a creative writing setting. Please, please, please don't let this go unresolved. 

  • AnnoyingRains Games

    Even better idea: let admins decide the character limit PER CHANNEL

  • Somniloquist

    I was just about to post a request for this myself. I understand that in some types of chats, being able to post a bunch would be flooding, so a universal change would probably be bad. But setting the character limit by server or by channel would be great.

  • [Astral|Zephyr]™

    Same! I was also about to make this request when I found this, have a bump & my vote!

    I run an RP server & it's a pain for everyone to have to face such a short limit...


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