Add a slider for the resizing of emojis


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  • adequate_tm

    Absolutely. Big emotes are jarring and clog the chat, and it also makes plenty of them unappealing at a larger size. Their small dimensions made them more appealing for many, and they kept chat neat, unlike now. At least give us the size slider option. Seems like something really bizarre to force update without even any real notice.

  • elwynyaa

    Yes, I completely agree with you, The size right now is just Too big, it would be nice to be able to change as we want the size of them like you said, with a slider in the settings like it is done for Text sizing.

  • adequate_tm

    At least give us a sizing option, Discord.

  • aIex

    pls discord im begging u they're absurdly large

  • maltshake

    Gosh these emojis are way too big, they clog up and spam chat way too much and entirely change the usability of them. The size they had before was really nice and I really want that back. Sliders to make them easier to see would be a nice accessibility feature but this current size absolutely should not be the default setting for emojis. 

  • whalleyrulz

    fully agreed

    it also kinda screws those of us who make pixel art; we make things based on specific pixel counts, and randomly changing the display size breaks they way they're displayed

    at LEAST, if you're going to keep this resize, change the way that scaling works on emojis; they're upsampled with a filtering, which blurs out and destroys pixel art. i'm going to have to redraw everything i've done for the new emote sizes, and if you can't guarantee a consistent size, all my work, and other pixel artist's work, is going to be ruined, and in the case of people creating these for income, our portfolios will be worsened

    this resize was handled really badly

  • Ene

    tbh i want the old size back, an option to change old/new version would be nice! :D

  • spaceyWitch

    They’re huge! I was planning to sub to Nitro once a gift month ran out, but not if my emoji are going to be AGGRESSIVELY BIG. Please let me make them smaller.

  • outdead

    My eyes are already bleeding. Please return the normal smiles size.

  • RavenousSix

    The size is definitely too big. Is this going to be like with the new status icons? They force UI changes on us with no toggle? Are we screwed again. Who is in charge of the development process for Discord, because they are doing a terrible job and need to be fired asap.

  • LightningVector

    I thought this was a super early April Fools joke. Likes jeez these emotes are just way too big. Old emote size was perfect as it was.

  • Sora

    Indeed, we need at least an option for old version please.

  • mac_

    Every message that doesn't include normal text looks like spam. The images are too big. They should at least include an emote scaling bar independent from the text scaling option.

  • V0N

    Please go back, the emotes are bigger that the avatars, they fill the chat, and for us Emoji artists this makes emojis harder to work and in case of pixel artists just ruins everything for them. 

  • elwynyaa

    i think the actual size is actually Too Big and it would be really nice to be able to choose between different size !

  • Rosewood Weevil

    pls just give us a slider! they be too beeg

  • Koi_YTP

    Not only does it make some emotes ugly that weren't before, this update is a nightmare for server mods in servers where emotes are used often like me as it means that it the number of emotes considered spam feels much lower, making emote spam much easier.

  • Anonygold

    Agreed, It takes more space out of the chat.

  • ccherias

    something like this would be a good solution

  • Catsu

    The size completely shocked me. Please add an option to disable it, or a slider. No one asked for this, it's not an improvement.

  • Naruto ほかげ

    In my opinion, we need to be given an option to where we can change the Emoji size to our own accord since some people like the big emotes, and some don't.

  • outdead

    Please, please, please!!! back the emote size. They are too big. Blood is coming from the eyes


    Agreed damn, what the heck are these emojis. All our custom emoji system is broken now...

  • Bryn

    Agreed, I hate the big emojis, they're awful. Please change them back or give us an option to keep them small! 

  • sarukah

    Yes, please make a toggle/slider option, that way everyone wins. I was also thinking about resubscribing to Nitro but absolutely will not with emotes taking up so much space that theyre terribly obnoxious. Im not paying money to annoy the heck out of everyone with more emotes. I dont even enjoy using emotes on their own lines now with them so big, its really sad.

  • KOL

    Sliders are delicious, also I would like one for the Emoji size... I mean why introduce a change that people can't roll-back? That's not user-friendly at all. You're basically forcing someone to eat a 10% beef slider when they wanted 100% beef and have been eating 100% beef sliders since the beginning. In other words, introduce an option for big emojis so people who like them big can have it big with the default option being small like they normally were.

  • дед


  • Grivi.


  • lefrogmin

    Agreed, having the emotes be 2x larger makes me feel like an old man lol

  • Violet

    Please at least add a toggle for this, other chat services that have provided large emojis at least have a switch to toggle them on and off.


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