Show all mutual friends/servers on a server


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  • Vacades

    There is a feature like this already. Right click on their name and click profile, under that is the mutual servers and friends

  • cyn

    (In reply to Reg) It is needlessly cumbersome in servers with hundreds of people to check every individual profile. It would be neat and useful to see a page with all profiles that share other servers with you.

  • T_nology

    I agree with this suggestion. It would take literally years to click every user one-by-one to see their mutual servers on a popular server with 10,000+ people, or even a semi-popular server with around 1,000 people.

  • Nebulae

    I agree. This would be very useful to me for finding exploiters.

  • Diablos

    I also agree. I would really want to see people who have common servers than me without right clicking for each profile.

  • OLSE9

    I think that it would be great if we would see mutual friends on server when we right click the invite

  • mammikiel

    I know exactly what you mean. say I join a new server with 6k members, I wanna see if I know anyone there.
    there should be a list that shows friends in servers as an option when right clicking on a server

  • BlackWood

    totally agree, I was just about to create a post about it. Hope we get it soon.

  • Hope

    YEAH! This is a feature that should indeed be added!!!!

  • Hmm

    This would be great!

  • shewannaparty

    so do the discord bosses just ignore these types of requests? because this should be implemented as soon as possible

  • Catt0s

    It should also be possible to search by what server it is etc. 

  • Poni

    How in the world isn’t this a thing already wth

  • padvk

    This would be such a useful feature, hopefully on Discord's to-do list

  • salami

    im begging you discord devs

  • shelby

    this would work WONDERS for my anxiety

  • AxisAngle

    Being able to click a button somewhere to "Show People In Mutual Servers" would be an excellent feature for finding potential friends, or looking out for potentially malicious people.

  • defiantly would like to see this as a feature

  • camelCaseCo

    agree! would make it far easier to join new communities to have a small landing place of those you already know

  • gamarad

    This would be a great addition to discord

  • Sennaton

    This needs to be a feature!

  • RAtA

    can this be a feature thanks

  • sunyesta


  • tomnookisgay

    This would actually be very nice because for me, I'm gay but I'm not fully out irl so it'd be nice to be able to see if there's anyone from my school in one of the servers I say I'm gay in to be safe.

  • Hallo

    Was about to create a post about this, glad someone brought this up before. Please DEVS create this feature!

  • JohnSmith777779

    Why does the community even exist if the devs don't read it?

  • Illustrious

    Lets see how many more years the devs need to notice a post about a valid feature that could indeed help out many users while saving their time to find out who of their friends is on the same server without having to check the profile of every 100 or more friends.

  • Billy

    Why isn't this a thing already? I've wanted to know, countless times, if I've got any friends in a big server.

  • TheCoolest

    So I could see this potentially being a problem if it makes the people in a server visible before joining, but not if it makes said people visible after. I want this feature available to anyone after they've joined the server, and I want people who appear on said feature to be notified and to have the option to disable their ability to be found this way

    because if it makes people visible before joining, then it can cause problems. Say for instance someone you know is trans, but not out of the closest, but on a trans server. If this feature were available to anyone before joining, then it would out your friend to the world without their consent.

    So while this can be a great feature, I believe it would need to be locked down to people who have already joined the server and consented to being found on it.

  • Raptorgod



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