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  • Cardinal System

    Same here. I was working on a bot which occasionally encountered OutOfMemoryErrors from running too many threads at once, and pragmatically spamming its help command to try and force an OutOfMemoryError (and thus located the source of the problem). Afterwards, my search stopped working.

  • ͔͔[TS] Wh1têØût

    still dont work. i own a server and i need to find important messages that is impossible to find without this feature

  • Kurokawa

    I was wondering the same thing, lmao.

  • Jarvis

    Just throwing in my report, still not working for me

  • Lumynis

    Holy crap, so it's not just me. Good to know, and glad to know they're working on it.

    I thought it was my dumb 3 mbps internet being a dunce.

  • LocalHyena

    It's been broken for a few days now for me

  • Dante Haiwindo

    I understand that things are being worked on, this is just to say that the search function is not working for me either.

  • Luckie

    I can't tell if the people saying just fix it are trolling or actually that stupid

  • duxe

    yup , i s broke(((

  • Brukts

    Broken for me too. 
    Unable to find some important messages without search.

  • Benny

    Same here, the search function isnt working anymore on any server at all. Quite a bloody pitty as its really an important feature, used it alot. I hope you guys can figure it out and fix it soon.

  • Hyunwoo Jang

    still not fixed....its getting hard to use discord, i use that feature a lot, hope they fix it soon

  • Bali Balo

    Guys this is common bug report etiquette, if you don't have anything of value to add for the developers other than a "same", just upvote the issue.

  • Porcino


  • Muuvie

    Really need this sorted out, using the search bar is critical to any moderation.


    This is partially why I want our group to go back to Teamspeak.

  • Pave

    Like said, this is most likely a host-side problem.
    So if one for example had their own archiving-engine via bots for example, that's why they search without any problems due their own local-archives.
    Thus the problem lies within Google or any other hosting companies Discord Inc is using.

    As for why say Google are having troubles, well, to put it simply: Google in overal has been "pisstaking" even more on casual-customers this year especially, especially this last past month
    ( Youtube Rewind 2019, COPPA-debacle, removing Google-search-result-sorting by date due "unreliability", making Chrome-browser even more cumbersome by removing quality-of-life-settings;
    basically as a whole Google has been in competition with various other companies for the worst company of 2019-awards
    ( this is not however to say that everything Google has been up to is bad. But unfortunately all the bad things they have been doing simply vaporizes anything good they have done, alongside these good things have been pretty much full-on "off-radar" generally speaking)).

    So I for one wouldn't surprised if some of the services of Google are under takedown-attacks.
    Or maybe this could be just yet another "tantrum pisstake" of theirs because "why not"...

  • milky

    me 2

  • Galaxy


  • Galaxy


  • Puppytine

    Search is finally working, but it isn't working properly -- messages from last three days doesn't show up in the results.
    Dear Discord team, please fix it, so all the replies could be searched. Leaving search as it is now is not acceptable.

  • TomJackal

    It's just randomly not finding some results; if I search for something I only get some instances of it,  for some things that only happened once or twice I don't get anything at all

  • B / M

    Yes, copy a paste a word from a channel, search for that word in that channel, no results. Amazing

  • 234Super

    It's still not working. I even searched "Mario" and there was nothing. Unbelievable.

  • peycho

    This is still an issue.

    I'm not sure if someone of the Discord support team have an answer for all of us.

  • bsmjvd

    This is horrible it's still not working i tried to search but nothing whatsoever ...its been 9months since this issue was raised still its not fixed..

  • Icho

    First day on discord. Also last day on discord. Windows 10 app doesn't work. Had to search forum to fix that. Then found that Search function doesn't work in browser or in app. Cya!

  • Repulles


    They still didn't fixed it...

  • AmreshPlayz

    You can fix it easily. (And this is not a bug)

    1. First go to any channel settings that you want to be in Welcome Screen

    2. Go to permissions


    3. make View channel to on for everyone

    4. Now go to Welcome screening and it should show it.

    Like that make other channels as well (Up to 4) and start choosing your channels

  • DestroyerEvan

    This is happening to me but only in private channels


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