Add a profanity filter


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  • Floofy Boi

    You can use a bot for that, or make your own. not that hard, all you need to do is make a basic bot message event like this:


    const { Client, RichEmbed } = require("discord.js");

    client = new Client({

    disableEveryone: true



    client.once("ready", () => {

    client.user.setActivity(`${prefix}help for commands`, {
        type: "PLAYING",



    client.on("message", async message => {

    if (message.includes("bad word")) {

    message.delete().catch(err => console.log)

    message.reply("please refrain from using bad words").then(msg => {

    msg.delete(time in milliseconds)





    client.login("your token here")


    a good cheap host too is

  • Discord User

    I agree but not like that, the bad word will be invisible to me or people who enabled profanity filter and visible to people who don't have it on

  • Gogetters

    Grow up instead.

  • Sherixn

    What if I want a personal one, not for my server, but for other ones that I don't own. It only blurs the word or whatever for me, but for no one else

  • DecoyOctopus

    You can do it with a bot and its for everyone but if you want it for only yourself then you cant do that cause you need to mod discord and thats against tos you can get banned from discord for that


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