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  • Christine

    Hello Discord Developers !.

    You did a Great job really but im looking for other Feature , Like Status (Video Upload Like whatsap) Which Means Stories 

    Not Only Emojis With Feelings . 

    Thanks , Happy New Year :)

  • ShamanDorn

    Hey Christine!
    I don't think adding Statuses would be a very good idea for Discord specifically. Discord is a messaging platform, and is not really a social life thing. It is more a way to chat with certain communities. If you want statuses, just use WhatsApp and Instagram.

    Also I think you should realise that if you are suggesting something, you need to create a suggestion, not post a comment on someone else's suggestion. Comments should really be used to contribute and help with the suggestion.


    Speaking of that, I think those ideas are great! Discord could use some more detail in some permissions just to make it easier to customise.

    Sub-categories would be cool, but I think at that point it would probably be better to create another Discord server.

    Discord already overrides collapsing when there are new messages in a channel (unless it is muted), so I don't think there should be a need to be able to choose certain channels that are always overrided.

    And with the role emoji, it would probably become too much after a while, considering that some servers have a ridiculous amount of roles (like 8 per person).


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