Discord needs some sort of stealth alt system and I think this is the best way to impliment it


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  • $hadøw__Hunter

    Like how google allows to link multiple emails to your google apps, emails, etc.
    I think it would be actually nice to have it imo
    Like no bots or users other than the main discord staff can see the links

    EDIT: I just realized how they could do it(added below)

    They could make it so the user has to go onto the acc settings(where it lists all settings) and then there will be a down arrow (🔽) and if clicked it lists all alt usernames and discrims and then it has beside each one is a button that if clicked it resets discord and loads up on the selected account

  • Reggie Alvarez

    i was just talking about how they should allow more then 1 account per phone number, because i have an alt that i do stupid things with friends and then a main that i do public things
    but this one does sound really nice too, if they allowed both, that would be amazing


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