Discord Sucks


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  • Cheesmeet

    I find Ventrillo and TeamSpeak overly complicated and confusing. It's all just preference.

  • nIMrOD888

    Completely agree with you, the only reason I even have it on my computer is for the select few people that refuse to download TS and join my server.

    The interface is very flashy and at a glance looks nice but it is not very functional (and filled with cringy jokes)... just look on google how many people have asked how you even close the damn application without having to kill it in task manager (great design dev team!).

    Voice activation is sub standard when compared with TS, sometimes it is too sensitive and sometimes it doesn't activate at all.

    Voice quality is very hit and miss also, you can just about bet on someone sounding like a robot randomly each time you use discord.


    I would say it feels more like 4chan than facebook.... but I guess that depends on the server....

  • deliverall

    Discord is the worse program I have ever used. Never again.

  • Willytherealtor

    I tried this on Windows and my android.  I was not impressed.  This app is so annoying I told my friends I am willing to end friendships if they insist I have to use this.

  • Berz

    Completely agree, Discord is a disastrous application.

  • Nosh

    Don't notify me for anything, even though I have it selected to do that?


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