Make Chat Auto-Scroll to Bottom


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  • Farona

    I cant agree more, as someone with two screens who plays games on one and has discord on the other this new change is awful

  • 0no

    Seriously I wish more people were talking about this change. Kinda defeats the purpose of having it on a second monitor if you constantly have to tab in and scroll down just to keep up with new messages...

  • GranmaCupcake

    This seriously needs to be reverted or turned into a setting that can be turned off. Discord isn't the only thing people do on their computers, and I can't always have the discord window on top, but I can still watch the chat even if the window isn't on top.

  • cam

    I don't know why they thought this was a good idea. Lots of people I know use dual monitor setups with discord.

  • Yuurg✨

    Yep, this change makes discord chat unusable while gaming with multiple monitors, how on earth did they not see this coming?

  • Stormas

    Using two screen been long since I was annoyed that much by any app UI update hopefully soon some changes...

  • BillyGalbreath

    I would say spread the word to get more votes on this, because it really sucks.. Buuuuut, they still havent even fixed the 12 vs 24 hour clock mess, so I doubt they even care at all :(

  • krunk

    Yeah please fix this or add as option 

  • Ara

    it's still messed up for me, and I don't even have dual monitors. I share art and spam drawings at my friends and it sucks that it doesn't jump to the bottom. when I noticed it was happening EVERY TIME i got a headache, what's the point of updating if i'm terrified by how messed up the UI might be

  • MGsubbie

    This was supposedly fixed, but this is still happening to me.

  • IcyHotBalm

    I agree, this new system is kind of garbage. Discord is meant to be a chatting system used by a bunch of people quickly and (most of the time) not the only point of focus you would be on. However, now you cant even read all of the texts being sent and are stuck on a select few until you tab and scroll. Even worse for images, they just dont scroll up at all even if the new message line doesnt hit the top.

  • Zarathos

    Not only what everyone else has said, but also it makes using the game bots impossible. Like pokecord. You keep having to manually scroll. 

  • Stan

    Please implement this, it is very annoying that we have to scroll every channel all the time.

  • phridum

    Still an issue!

  • Zarathos

    yep. Never been fixed. super annoying. 


  • Moksha/Samsara

    whichever team lead ok'd this mess for distribution should be fired. seriously. they completely wrecked usability of the app on my desktop computer.

    they had one job...

    i've had this avatar for 15+ years and it's never been more relevant than it is today.

    thanks, discord.

  • the_ENEMY_

    still not fixed. any setting able to work around this?

  • dave

    Also still seeing this issue. Incredibly annoying. Happens when window is in focus sometimes, too. 

  • JustJinxed

    Still an ongoing issue, need an option to turn this on per server and globally, please!!! 

  • Jeff

    Why does live chat not auto-scroll to bottom? What a JOKE.

  • Chitake

    This is a new issue for me from a week ago.
    Every time someone post an image the autoscroll is lost.

  • It stops following whenever bot posts a message. :/

  • captainroyy

    fix this ffs, each time an image is posted it scrolls up instead of all the way down ._.

  • Moksha/Samsara

    Splitframe this didn't work for me. mine's already set to 100% and regardless of whether my discord windows is maximized or resized to the smallest window i can get, the problem persists.

    i tried changing both zoom level and chat font scaling to above and less than default and no combination resolved this issue for me.

  • Biddinge

    yeas. though using it on a chromebook is different. anytime I get a new message I usually only see the new text and not the pictures. though this of course is on the website and not the app.

  • Loonatik

    This is a basic feature that needs to be there. Ive used IRC and numerous chat apps for decades all of which have this feature.

  • thegoat

    Please give us this option.

  • gencha

    Discord will have to hire an army of machine learning developers of the highest caliber to have them working on this 24/7 for a decade to figure out how to scroll a view to the bottom. It'll take more resources than a moon landing, but we will figure it out!

  • Frigidman

    I'm late to the party ... but ... GOD YES.

    Leave the 'mobile' app version alone (I guess they LIKE this behavior?) but god, add an option for all the desktop app users out there who want this stupid behavior done better.


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