Please revert the February 2020 UI changes


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  • ry

    couldn't have been said better

  • gb

    I'd argue that this post highlights all the problems with the changes even better than my own.

  • kirishimaeijirou

    Good addition of the red new-message delineation marker. I couldn't figure out what was bothering me about it but you said it well.

  • Ellis

    compact mode now adds the username to every line, rather than omitting it for grouped messages, which is mildly frustrating and actually makes it harder to follow individual chats in some ways.

  • LabRAT

    I can't believe they got rid of the line between different people's messages, I need that back please ;w;

  • abatak

    The horizontal rule between messages was pretty important for accessibility in my case. I find it hard to almost impossible to easily follow along conversations especially if they are moving fast now and already I feel less willing to use Discord because of the hassle.

    I'm not here to spend tons of effort to just keep up with everyone to attempt to be at their level, I'm here to relax and communicate with friends and others. Right now I just kinda want to log off instead of feeling like an idiot now being behind everyone.

    So uh, Discord please give us at least the option to return hr between senders, it was very helpful for accessibility. Until then I'm probably gonna stop using it as much. It's not worth it.

  • parlayx

    yeah, basically everything said here. also, why weren't we given a pop-up explaining /why/ the design team opted for a redesign, like with every other major update? doesn't seem like this was thought through very much at all. for all the reasons listed in the main post (and more) please for the love of god scale it back. or at least get rid of highlighting posts every time i move my mouse & bring back lines & proper spacing between user's messages.

    i've always thought discord does a really brilliant job with every update, but this.... wow. just wow lmao

  • Grif

    This. All of this. As somebody with a disability this new update is playing havoc with my eyes and clearly isn't designed for people with IDDs, or, really, anybody. 

  • completelyshutdown

    This is a good take on the changes, glad everyone hate it.

  • Hoptilicٴٴٴٴٴٴٴ

    Its shit

  • tom0

    compact mode is now practically unreadable with the changes, very disappointing

  • sianablackwood

    Discord, please just say "yeah, we made a mistake" and take away the terrible update. It fixes nothing and makes the experience much worse for many users.

    Perceval (OP) has given a fantastic analysis of what's wrong with the UI. Please take their feedback on board and do something better than the latest update.

  • Professor Renderer

    I doubt they'll do anything. I tried looking for any previous changes that were reverted shortly after, but I found nothing. I guess we're gonna have to deal with it.


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