Current state of UI ''''upgrades'''' E(56 DAYS LATER)


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  • Rikonardo

    Yes! New chat UI is really bad!

  • Enoshade

    The irony here is that they do actually beta test this; some people were given this update half a week in advance. Yet they found no problems whatsoever! Riot looking more and more attractive as Discord slowly slaughters itself.

  • Sable

    The irony here Enoshade is that their beta test group is likely highly curated for people within their echochamber of design ideas (if not the same people that suggested them), or such a small group of people that it was insignificant.


    Do tell me more about Riot in DMs if you feel up to it [discrim is #8051], though, that sounds like a lovely alternative as this ride goes through a Bald Eagle Death Spiral.

  • PrincessLapis

    You point out an issue that seems to be plaguing the internet at large anymore. Just completely random, arbitrary UI changes for little to no reason that much of the community dislikes, but for some reason, the staff just won't let go of.

    I want nice, easy to figure out UIs that let me view everything in a good, simple manner. I don't want everything to become "sleek" and whatever other trash these people think they're doing. When you get a good, working UI that people like, please, for the love of all things good, leave it alone.

  • Sable

    Edited and updated to current day. I contemplating adding that they keep axing features to presumably offer to the Nitro simps but there's plenty of uproar about that esp. in today's climate already and it's really not relevant to this particular feedback.


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