February 2020 update : please make it optional


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  • Delta Rune

    i definitely think that on the appearance tab, there should be an option there called "Legacy style" which uses the old design. that way, if people prefer the new one then they don't have to see the new design while the people who prefer the old one can still keep it as it is

  • Sylv

    Yeah i completley agree

    the new design should be completley optional! the way that the msgs highlight is just too distracting

  • minejulrbx

    I disagree with your statement about most don't use reactions, I'm in 100 servers, many big servers & pretty much all of them use reactions all the time, not just for announcements, also in actual chats & conversations.
    But yes the new interface is terrible & I hope they fix it

  • TheMarkus1204

    Things I don't like are the new "Active Now" and the Reaction Bar that appears every time you hover over a message... Don't need both and wish there was a toggle...


    Rest of the Update is fine by me...

  • Hank

    Every update since I started using discord has been really well received up until now. The lack of line breaks and the reaction box are just garbage. How did these changes get approved? 


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