Regarding the UI changes from last night


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  • Xirix

    I don't understand why discord can't just give the OPTION to turn things off whenever they change something, it would be so simple.

  • Aussie Legend

    Agree for the most part (although I'd prefer rollbacks more than toggles, where possible)

  • PC

    on top of all that, for me when I click away from discord, if I'm at the absolute bottom of a channel it doesn't automatically stay stuck to the bottom, eventually it stops moving so I can't see new messages without clicking back to discord and scrolling manually

  • ﴾ Ṿ☼ЇƉ ﴿ [they/them]

    My biggest issue is simply with how they changed the "New Messages" separator to just "New" and put it all the way on the right side of the chat history. This makes it incredibly easy to accidentally scroll clear past the first "New Message" in a very large backlog of missed messages. And also makes it harder to tell where the new ones begin. They could have at least put "New" on the left side so it's by the posters' usernames, which are the first thing you see before reading the messages themselves. The indicator is just way too tiny and effectively invisible in its new location. The older version definitely looked better and served its purpose better.

    While I can't comment on anything else specifically, the chat looks very strange all of the sudden. The spacing is different. I use "Cozy" for my appearance settings, yet now some things feel too compact, and others feel awkwardly spaced. I also do not like that my message area has become smaller. Typing major announcements for the servers I administrate was already a big hassle, and now even less seems to be visible all at once in the box than before. The OP of this Feedback post seems to have figured out what exactly changed. 

    I personally do not like these aesthetic changes. I was very comfortable with the look of the chat how it was. The new look is both jarring because it was unexpected, and feels like it accomplishes less.

    EDIT: Mind you, my issue is with how much more compact it feels and the change to the "New Messages" line. I don't really have a problem with the highlighting, and I actually like that I can finally see the individual timestamps in message groups now, since this feature was absent in "Cozy" before, but I found "Compact" to be intolerably ugly. The overlay for reactions and the "..." is a nice change for me as well because it's easier to keep my mouse trained on it. My eye tracker doesn't always agree with small targets.


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