The February 2020 update is hell for disabled and neurodivergent people.


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  • Marabou

    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please.

  • Spita34

    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please.

  • FunGently

    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please.

  • Jay★

    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please. 


    i appreciate that we can fix the message spacing issues in settings (settings>appearance for those of you who want to take a look - leave everything at default and make the message spacing to 24px to make it look less "spacey"). however, the reactions and message editing thing that popup anytime you hover over a message makes the entire page looks extremely noisy and distracts from the actual chat, which is, yknow, the main function of the app. it makes scrolling through a chat a lot more difficult than it needs to be. the options to edit messages and their icons are massive and clunky, making it hard to navigate.
    tldr; the reactions and 'more" options that appear when hovering over a message are atrocious and distracting. pls fix discord :(

  • Catty-O

    I wholeheartedly agree, I just booted up my PC and was greeted by this mess of an update and it instantly made me feel sour. As was already said, it's extremely noisy, to a point where it makes one wonder... who is allowing updates like this to release? Why are they allowing updates like this to release? For the sake of every user of this platform please god please, roll back the updates or give us a choice to go back to the old look.

  • nyvinter

    While I do think bigger add reaction and more buttons are good, they might be too big now and the extra three emotes just adds noise and clutter — especially when the mouse happen to hover over a message in the middle of a group. Date stamps in cozy mode is also nice. But, and this is a big but, the way the text is presented feels squished together and it does not invite you to read longer messages. So if you wanted an update that defeats the purpose of the app — ie talking to people — congratulations.

  • Kougeru

    100% agreed. this is terrible and is literally giving me a headache with all the crap popping up

  • fluteloops

    as a user who is both neurodivergent and has chronic migraine, the new ui is making basic chat extremely painful and near-incomprehensible

  • Oz

    this is a horrible update. discord please revert or make it optional.

  • littlecuppajo

    I'm keeper of a relatively chatty server and a full time UX/UI designer. Generally, I think you're all on the right track and keep getting better all the time. This update bears some feedback, though.  

    As people are already indicating here, the change to the spacing between message groups (in addition to other items) makes it feel more claustrophobic and cluttered. 

    Some of the biggest issues I see with the new spacing:

    • No longer scannable/skimmable. One of the biggest advantages to the original spacing as an admin/mod on a few servers was that the channel content was easily skimmable. The reduced padding between message groups makes that almost impossible to do now, forcing me to take considerable extra time to stop and read each message more closely-- not actually a good thing when I might see hundreds of messages pass through 40+ channels a day.

    • Accessibility is now a (bigger) issue. Others have made mention of it here (OP included) but neurodivergent people and disabled people can and are getting overloaded by the overly busy appearance in the new UI, making it hard for them to track and participate in conversation as readily.

    • Emoji bar is intrusive. As nice as the hover effect is, placing it between the message groups is a little confusing when it comes to determining which message you're reacting to, and the most-recent icons display is a bit oversized, distracting from already cramped message content.

    • Tightly-packed text just 'feels' uncomfortable. The narrower space between messages (even after finding the spacing adjustment in appearance settings and boosting it) feels clautstrophobic at best, and is pain-inducing for people on medium or smaller displays, or who are susceptible to migraines/eyestrain. 

    One last thing: while the ability to boost spacing in Appearance is nice, I don't think it's quite enough to offset the overwhelm and fatigue the current UI presents. Additionally- it was really easy to miss that setting. I certainly didn't notice it until someone else pointed it out to me, and I went actively seeking a way to remedy the cramped new look. 

    You've all made some great strides in the design, but iterating on this one a bit more and consulting with some folx for the sake of accessibility might be a good idea here. 

  • Vorticella

    If nothing else, please just let us hide that reaction bar. The emojis are severely distracting and totally unnecessary. It was perfectly fine the way it was before.

    I guess Discord itself will be less of a distraction now that I can't stand using it.

  • ♤Ace♤

    The space between messages is huge, the reactions on the side look terrible, its so messy, why change it?

    Let us opt to go with the old layout, or just straightup undo this one

  • Dakhath


    Seriously though. Please consider accessibility in your updates. It matters.


    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please.

  • Lycosis

    PLEASE! Let us switch to the old version! The old layout was simple and easy to use, which helped me a lot due to issues I have. This new one goes in the complete opposite direction and makes them worse.

  • Spudly

    Discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. Please.

  • vb

    discord developers, give us permission switch to old version chat. please.
    i am also neurodivergent and i am using discord less with this update. it stresses me out to look at and stresses me out to read through messages i missed, because i cannot scroll without the messages darkening and the emoji pop-up happening.


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