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  • T-90

    Where is the Report thing?

  • Puppy

    Hi discord can you please ban this person 696124205070155838 From ever using this site he said harmful stuff like saying racist things to me and he has been harming two other users by calling the names swearing at them and being abusive to them please get rid of this person or he’s gonna find other people to do this too

  • Roman Reigns

    Hi i want to ban someine Who is underage


  • かかし

    um how u get the numbers


  • Nugget.

    How do I report someone that is telling my friend to take his life and that his life is worthless. All I have is there screen name. And I have screen shots of what they have told him.

  • Hayley_is_forever_lost

    hi, discord,

    report and ban this user from discord 667839688152711168

    for inappropriate language and calling me names and saying I should go and kill myself

    and I blocked this person and told a staff member of the server that I'm in to ban him

  • NotRandomPerson

    Hi, Discord.

    Please warn this person, 708808797698785341. I may of done wrong but they also did some. After what happened happened, I blocked them and apologized. (they deleted all their messages) Then they had already spread the news to multiple servers that I was in and harmed my reputation. More people made fun of me.

    I think the user should've dealt with this in a better way and not by telling every server I was in what happened. They should've just blocked me and called it a day. They might be exaggerating about what happened. Because I never meant any of it and am sincerely sorry. They keep saying how they will get revenge.

    Warn this person for harassment.

    I blocked this person and left the servers they are in.

    Sincerely, NotRandomPerson

  • blue collar solid

    Hey ban a user by the name of 5'4 express she was being racist and was bullying me and my friends and talked about my family in a bad way

  • Flinity

    Hi Discord,

    Please ban this person,

    This person spamming call in my dm

  • Kaiser2nd •

    Hi Discord,


    Please ban this user,


    He was being disrespectful to gay people


  • Aoi

    Hi Discord,


    Please report and ban this user,



    This person is disrespectful to people

  • Polen

    Hey discord,
    Id like to report an user with this id 722912355171827754
    The girl is being racist tells ppl to kill themselfs if she doesnt like them she is a bestie of lisa gaming roblox becouse she is racist like her too. The girl is basicly pinging everyone on server who has almost 400 players in it to raid servers and ping everyone an n word or something like that if you ask me for proof like ss i got them all here on my device...

  • iMakeuGoOwo

    iDarkzX#0412 hi guys pls report and ban this guy he went to freaking give me punishment for changing my user and asked me to stfu when i asked why.

  • Taco_bout_it

    Badbaby #7157  Is using my pic has her profile. My mom comforted her. She then put my moms pic up.

  • 𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐀ᶜᵒˣ

    Hello discord, please report account 714088280466915708 because it is not the right age, it offends me, put a picture with me in profile ...

  • fluffi

    hello discord! please ban Liltstukkibukki#3278 . she's stalking my friend and being very creepy even tho she told her that she was uncomfortable. please do something about this

  • k1rby

    Hi discord! Please ban Liltstukkibukki#3278 . She has been stalking a close friend of mine and has taken away all of their social media’s without their permission. It’s an invasion of privacy. We told her multiple times to stop and that she is making our friend uncomfortable. The person she is stalking also told her to leave them alone. Please do something about this!!

  • oddstellar

    hello discord! i am reporting stealthy516 #8886, he has been talking to underage girls, and has forced them to send them inappropriate pictures of themselves. not only that, but he has sent many nude pictures of himself and pretends to be a different person. he is stealing someone’s identity and lying abt his age just to be creepy and talk to underage girls (mainly around 14). i do this type of stuff just to help other teen girls like me! i get stuff like this a lot and it’s very sickening. i don’t do this for entertainment or enjoyment, but for the sake of kids! please ban stealthy516 #8886 ! thank you so much!

  • MoontheEclipselWolf

    hi discord. i am personally reporting lazybones#6537 for inappropriate behavior to minors. I personally was one of his victims and he was controlling and clingy only seeing the other victims and I as toys. Targeting females around the age 14 to 16. He gets you to become a couple with him and then after a few days starts acting like that. he say's his age is 16 but don't believe it. i am doing this to keep other females around my age away from him. I am not doing this for entertainment i am completely serious about this. i don't kid around about things that are wrong. So please ban lazybones#6537 from this community. if done then thank you!

  • Dawn

    Hi discord! I am reporting lazybones#6537 for being very clingy and controlling. I am very uncomfortable because he forced me back into a relationship with him. He is a very controlling person too. I really don't want to be in a relationship with him. Please ban him. I would really appreciate it. I don't want anything to happen to me or someone else. Thank you.



  • Yuina and kira

    Hello hi discord I come to seek justice for my girlfriend she was bullied very badly by a group they called her names and was called a trap I have lots of evidence press charges on them but one person started all this mess I reason will then I said I won't report if you say sorry just one word and now their in invading a other server I didn't get their ID but I have faces of them sreenshots lots of evidence to contact me use for the evidence please bring justice to discord bc we need it

  • delta🦹🏻♀🦹🏻♀

    Please report user Anxtic_Shxftz#2832 for inappropriate comments

  • sliestchicken61

    Hi, dis this person is under age, being mean and his brother is also doing the same and also under age these are their ids and names please warn them.       775419715232333855   superdragon     775386781281026049          Godmui

  • Lost in Today


    so i actually want to report this one guy Jnaggy#6985 as he is scamming people on discord saying that he will give nitro and stuff.


  • CEO Of Nitro

    Hi discord 


    I want to ban this person 600283964091006987and 679924566658908179

    for raiding my server and swearing 

  • Jplayzniper

    hi discord please User: 679816863152472068 for calling me the n word and constantly swearing eg: 803342144785350746 and 803339417485312070

  • SLT World

    Ban this dude 

    User name: Rext
    User id: 789085358163623966
    This dude scammed me for nitro games, he said he will give me goods in return. It's been 17 days and he still hasn't given me the goods, he just ignored me and continued on his scamming. So please ban this user from discord... Lmao, I want revenge soooo badly... That's why my username is "Rext is a scammer" as I want revenge...


  • zenn

    -.𝓢𝓮𝓷𝓹𝓪𝓲-𝓪𝓵𝓫𝓮𝓻𝓽#2021 please report p)(rn pfp 

  • Windy Windo

    Hi can you report shnoitszui😩#2954? he is a 9 year old who has a girlfriend and toxic friend, he harassed me and my two siblings just for mod in my bro's server,he blocked him and me and called me a pu**y

  • Explosión de Vainilla

    Hi Discord!
    Could you please report Moonlight#8842 ?

    She calls me a murderer!

    Thanks! 😀


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