Nitro Boost Perk suggestion: Animated Emojis for everyone!


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  • Arcadius (Arek)

    Yes please. We very much need this feature to be added!

  • Robyn

    yis pleeeeas

  • Icicosmo

    It's definitely a good idea! I hope Discord notices it

  • Eferno

    It should be a thing really. Having to use the default emojis in a server without nitro really bugs me, so this feature would be a great idea! However, in my opinion, I don't think reaching level 2 or 3 would be a good idea to unlock this perk. Instead, it could be for level 1. I think this because that emojis aren't really that big of a thing, so it should be unlocked in level 1 to get that out of the way. Other than all of that, it's a great idea and should be added to Discord Server Boosting system.

  • FatBluDragon

    I thought that lvl 2 or 3 instead of lvl 1 is because I also take this idea from a buisness standpoint. If it was a perk on lvl 1, then you would only need one nitro subscription to unlock one of the main nitro perks for a lot of people. People might lose the incentive to buy a nitro subsciption and Discord may end up losing profit that way, hence why i suggested a safer choice for their buisness, aka lvl 2 or 3.

    Having all the features is always hella dope but we need to remember that discord is a buisness, too.

  • Muffina

    Yea I thinks that's a great idea but I think it should be 3/3 level

  • Kur

    Yes daddy

  • Accalia

    I agree so heavily on this please <3

  • borgar

    Agreed this is a good idea

  • Tirenity

    You brought up a very good point, that the animated emojis are barely used. I think discord should really use this, and, they could probably make the animated emojis for everyone!


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