So i found a Bug...


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  • Maj

    But you can literally right click and press kick/ban or 'Mention'. Furthermore, you can copy and paste a name rather than type it out yourself. If Discord has the ability to display the username, then the server will have no difficulty. The main problem is if your keyboard can write the username out. Then again, that's not really an issue when you can right click someone in chat, in call, or in the users area on the right of a server.

    If you have trouble with using copy and paste or the Mention button when right clicking on a persons profile, then what about the people when very long names? Or what if someone comes from a different country and doesn't have a keyboard that spouts English letters? Some countries have keyboards and systems that won't spit out the default ABC alphabet but will have special characters. Japan for example, or Hindu and Hebrew. Some people do not want to learn a new language just so that they can make a username.

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