Mobile UI - Camera Button Beta


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  • Saphire

    If someone still wants this feature, it really should be a toggle in settings, rather than something occupying precious horizontal screen estate in the world of vertically laid out apps.

  • Noiregya

    Hello I agree with that. The camera button doesn't improve the experience.
    The tradeoffs I don't like:
    -The send button auto-hiding. Sometimes we can just lose the button or it can be inconsistant
    -Having to tap on the arrow/drawer to show the two buttons camera and image, while before you would just have clicked on image then camera. If you're using the camera directly it's the same amount of taps and if you're not it's one additional tap.
    -The risks of miss tap on the camera or image buttons. The spacing is much better once the image button is selected, there just isn't enough space to display everything on the chat line.
    From an usability standpoint, previous version had less taps to access stuff overall and felt less crowded.


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