Set a custom image as the background theme for Discord on Mobile.


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  • Atheryx

    There is a few problems with this request that makes it faulty. First, setting an image by yourself may cause problems that make the text hard to read. The only way to solve this is to only use backgrounds with certain colors, which narrows down the user's choice a lot. Or, Discord could make an AI that can recognize the background's colors and accommodate to that, but that is unnecessary and takes a lot of work to make.


    Second, the backgrounds could be abused by using NSFW images. If NSFW images are used, and the interface is shared to the public/social media, it would create a bad impression on the safety of Discord for minors. This can reduce the effectiveness of Discord's advertising practices as a messaging platform with a safe environment.


    Thank you!

  • • Yaldabaoth •

    I mean people can make server pfp NSFW and their own pfp NSFW I dont see the problem and with the whole text thing you could just have it so it can be darker or lighter


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