YYYY-MM-DD, 24 hr clock, and English. How?


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  • AlphaChannel

    Those settings can be read from the OS and programs can be made to follow the system setting. Discord is (apparently) not doing this. +1 that they should.

  • Thero Layfer

    changing locale to change time format is totally not a solution. you either should follow system time format settings configurable in windows settings or provide your own toggle for time format.

  • timid

    Bumping! I use 24-hour clock on my devices and it causes a weird dissonance to see Discord using 12-hour timestamps. Being able to set the date format also would be swell, but at the very least it should be pulling from system settings and not from locale.

  • Noonz

    Discord just announced new permissions are coming on "6/30/2023" even though my Discord's locale isn't even set to US.
    Classic hard coding your dates into your localization strings...

    YYYY-MM-DD is the only one you should do that with (because it's the only date every human isn't confused by).


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