The new UI is kinda bad


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  • Neil

    I agree. Not a fan of the new UI. It's like they're drifting away from a minimalist design and now everything looks big and clunky. Another irritating quirk of this update is that everytime I paste something, it triggers my keyboard. I don't want my keyboard popping up everytime I'm pasting something. I simply wanna paste and send for quick interactions. Really annoying.

  • Pierre_Poutine

    I want to know why I have to do an extra tap to send a picture. Having the camera option in the app is super annoying.

  • Kirstenly

    I am personally not fond of how it has to LOAD every elements individual animation when moving and navigating... It honestly kind of triggers motion sickness for me. Its laggy, it gets stuck changing Channels... It looks bulky and ugly.

    And it's just... Its so bad on so many levels.

  • yasha_mikage

    I've also come to the issue mentioned above that makes it to where you can no longer paste text into chat on mobile without the keyboard being forced open, which with the limited screen space... the extra space taken by the keyboard when not in use can be a major problem. (For me this mostly comes into play with certain bots.) Major inconvenience on my end though, dunno how much it affects other users.

  • Peace

    The new ui is actual garbage on mobile. The only reason discord is better that other social apps was that your employes made things simple and easy for anyone new to it to understand how it works. Pls dont become your enemies.

  • 😈QueenOfTheDamned😈

    I don't normally complain about things as I know how hard it is to work on apps and other devices etc, but I just ain't feeling the new setup tbh I hadn't updated it in yr so I had no idea the last setup felt more open less congested I was able to mark all msgs read from a server just by holding down on it, I liked that, just a few things but I do appreciate the work you guys put in so thanks!


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