Seen/Unseen & Last online Suggestion


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  • hexx

    Yes pls

  • crestmare

    okay discord team hear us out we NEED these features, especially the last online one

  • White_Lotus

    Yes, please!!  And for those expressing concern with privacy issues, create it as a toggle switch option set to OFF as the default.  I'm finding that I'm having to message my partner and friends through other apps (and they message me as well) to see if the other received the message.  Don't need them to answer right away, but do need to know whether they've seen it or not.  Especially for times like when meeting up at a location and details have changed.  Don't need an answer, just need to know they've received the updates.  Instead, I've been having to switch back over to LINE, Messenger or WhatsApp.  Prefer Discord to all of these so hoping this feature will be added.  Pretty Please....


  • TOM


  • Kerriganson

    This is a duplicate of :

    Please check it and upvote if you think its important. Many people already upvoted, as its a needed feature. For a better Discord in 2022!


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