Nitro is too expensive!


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  • APasz「アパゾ」


    More like telling the manager that 15 bucks for a generic bottle of juice is a bit high.


    Would you not protest if your only ISP charged twice as much as any other just because they could.

    Technically internet is optional. Something being 'optional' does not mean a fair price can't be requested/given.

  • APasz「アパゾ」

    But I would like to use it and to some extent, support Discord.


    Your statement is irrelevant.

    Being able to afford something and not finding value in something are not the same thing.

  • APasz「アパゾ」


    Well you are the one who seems hell bent on telling people that optional stuff can be whatever price, and that that Discord should not listen to their customers.

    You'll for sure go far in the world of business.

  • Muad

    The OP have a point. The 10usd price was justified with Nitro games, but now when they no longer exists, who would buy nitro for 10usd when you can buy nitro classic for 5usd that offers what most people need. Personally I would even welcome cheaper option for like 1usd that would only allow me to pick around 10 emojis that could be used globally and could be changed once a month. As I don't see myself paying 5usd monthly and this would give me an actual option to contribute.

  • James Harrys

    If Nitro was 2 or 3€, I would buy it ASAP.

    5€/month, that's way overpriced.

  • geoyws

    I believe the usual Discord user joins and sets up many servers and we can't afford to get Nitro for all of them. We need a way to make it more affordable for users who come from less developed countries to afford to get the better bandwidth in Discord. The free bandwidth is horrible. Discord will be losing a lot of users because of the price.

  • Code Disease Dev

    I think $5 AUD is plenty enough!

  • MrNiceGuy


    5 Euro is not $4.99, its $8.09 Australian dollars

    And yes $8 a month for funny emojis on every server is a bit much.

  • TS

    I buy Nitro just for 2 free server boosts so that I can keep the animated icon on my server. That's all I use it for. And Discord doesn't allow me to pay for 2 standalone server boosts using Google Play, so I'm forced into spending extra for stuff that I literally do not care about. They should slash the prices on all of their things by 50%, that would be a fair price for it

  • APasz「アパゾ」

    The annual works out to between 130 and 150 AUD depending on exchange rate.
    When I look at what else I spend that much per year on; Patreon, Spotify, Youtube Red, GDrive, and my phone plan.

    I don't need bigger upload limit (got GDrive for that), or HD screenshare/streaming (I have many tools/services for this).
    So really, get rid of those and drop the price to more like 50-75 AUD and we'll be talking.

  • ComradeWinston

    Some people, like myself and many above, would actually fork-out money for Nitro if they didn't insist on the absurd prices. With the obscene number of media services as it is, what kind of fool is going to throw $10 down just to use emojis?

  • Nehm

    Full Nitro and the boost tier goals are absurdly expensive for what it's buying into. Just classic is barely worth it for what it offers. Now they're locking some features like a pfp banner for only those who pay double? It's ridiculous! It's beyond me how anyone can see these prices as fair.

  • Expreer

    Too expensive id like to buy but its expensive maybe discord can lower it

  • ThePieDoctor

    Well as others have said, it's more of a donation and I would definitely buy it if it was cheaper to support it. But at the same time, Discord has grown so huge that they dont need the money so why have these unlockable features withheld from everyone? I love Discord and I wanna support it. But I'm sure everyone who uses it agrees with me that the cap on the 8mb files is pretty upsetting when they can easily do up to 50 and probably even more with how big Discord as an application and company has grown.

  • ThePieDoctor

    I love discord and I find it so useful everyday and I really would support them with buying nitro if it costed less. I am sure way more people would buy a cheaper option with less bonuses including me. I am still young and do not have a full time job that I can splurge on paying over $100 a year.

  • Kempy

    legit the price of Netflix. its so expansive. maybe in other cantoris is seams cheep but in Australia  its so expansive. hope discord makes it cheaper 

  • Joshlovescats

    man, its just upright expensive

  • MaybeStorm

    I think at most 10 AUD. Its crazy to think that thats all we get for 15 dollars. 

  • Puff

    and it's 9000 bucks in my country for yearly. 900 bucks for monthly.

  • IR0NF!ST


    Reduced to only a one word reply. Proves that in the end you really have nothing to say. APasz's point still stands valid and relevant, you're just throwing around thought-terminating clichés to avoid the intrinsic value of the problem.

  • IR0NF!ST

    It is so BLATANTLY obvious that the price-to-benefit ratio of Nitro is INCREDIBLY disproportional.

    Even an annual subscription of Amazon Prime costs less than an annual subscription of Nitro, which comes with so much more benefits. 

    Regardless of people's economic status or place of origin, this is—by its very nature—a ripoff. Just like how the Apple monitor stand is a ripoff in and of itself. This cannot be denied.

    It is time to stop rationalizing the price of Nitro.

  • Koni

    Why is it 200+ in the philipines but 5$ in other countries?

  • MicroBot

    Lol for $5 to $10 monthly that the best price

  • Hugo.

    bro, discord classic for 5 euros (4.99 dollar), that's the cheapest thing i've seen in discord and im really glad it exists, so you should be happy 

  • Aurel


  • xxiStezzy

    Wanna know why Nitro's so expensive? It's the only way discord makes money. Well, other than merch I guess. But if Nitro wasn't so expensive, or even didn't exist, then there would be ads on discord, and no one wants that. 

  • Hope

    If you think that Nitro is too expensive, then don't buy it. In the end it is just something optional to support Discord with.

  • Aurel

    This gonna get nowhere anyways because it's not justified.

  • Aurel

    This is like asking the Cashier for a discount because you don't have enough money on you.

  • Aurel

    Nitro is optional. If you cannot afford it, don't buy it.


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