Buying Nitro using BAT on Brave browser


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  • AnnoyingRains Games

    Absolutely! I use brave as well and would love this!

  • Hope

    The majority of Discord Users haven't heard of something like that. Discord wouldn't bother adding something that only like 100 users or so know.

  • vita

    Hope, are you part of the discord development team? No? Then why do you speak for them? Kinda annoying tbh


  • Hope

    @vita what's so bad about giving my own opinion? If I wouldn't be allowed to do so, I wouldn't have the option to comment on this.

  • jackocat2

    @Hope What they are trying to say is that you are making a say in the matter from the dev team, your opinion matters but don't speak for someone else 

  • babakai

    The Brave Browser currently has 8.7 million active users. I think it would be a really cool feature.


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