Add friend/ Direct Message API.


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  • pxpcandy

    At first glance this seems like a good idea but due to your idea of it being a hyperlink, if someone finds that link and you don't want anyone that you don't know of to add you, then there's a problem there. Although if you mean something in JavaScript like <script src="">addFriend('user#tag');</script> then that would be cool.

  • GavHern

    I find it similar to just sharing your discord. If I say my discord is GavHern#7714, that could just bet plugged into a link to add me faster. But I do agree that it could be abused a bit... Maybe, like servers, you could generate a link in the app and share that. Or, sites could use an API to get a temporary link for a certain user who authenticates with they're discord. A URL would be involved, just how long it lasts is up in the air.

  • akac

    The hyperlink could contain the user ID to open the profile, that would work.


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