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  • MilSci

    I would like it if they could be recorded by someone with a permission. Basically adding a permission to a role where they can "record calls". This would benefit a lot of people if they resort to Discord for meetings and want to record either the video, audio, or both for future reference. After recording it could go to a file menu or something where you download it.

  • Jazzy

    Hey Jakey,

    Unfortunately, due to GDPR Regulations and Discords Privacy Policy, recording calls is not allowed without consent of the user. Plus, if every call was recorded, Discord would have to purchase 100's of Terabyte Data Storages to store all users that use Voicechats.

    If you do have anyone threatening you. report it here:

    Please note that recordings and screenshots will not be accepted. Only Message ID's can be used in a report.


  • ɐʞoʎǝH

    Jazzy, fix your attitude.

    It's true that surreptitious or forced recording is illegal. Jakey's request does not include these elements.

    Here's the truth.

    User consent? No problem! The fact is, what we want is overt and consensual recording, the type which GDPR Regulations and Discords Privacy Policy ensure. User consent can be achieved in the same way that millions of users become bound by Terms of Service for websites and applications every day. It's not a complicated process, it's entirely legal, it happens every time you call technical support. If you've ever heard "this call may be recorded for training and quality assurance purposes," then you have rendered your legal consent to be recorded.

    Data storage? No problem! The fact is, Discord could operate like your television DVR by discarding all audio that is more than 10 minutes old, unless a user has flagged that data as important. This would give users up to ten minutes to indicate the audio clip containing evidence of abuse, so that Discord servers could preserve it prior to deletion. Financial impact is mitigated by classifying this as a Nitro feature. Boom! One more selling point for Nitro.

    Creeped out? No problem! This feature would not have to be enabled on every voice channel in every server. It will be a setting which is enabled on a channel-by-channel basis, affording people an extra layer of accountability when and where they desire and consent to it. Each DVR-enabled voice channel would be clearly marked as such.






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