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  • American Exceptionalism

    You know what would allow them to do this: Charging less for nitro and staying out of politics.
    People would be willing to buy more premium features if they cost less. Profit would increase.
    People who used to pay for the service no longer will once a for-profit company starts giving their political opinions.
    Just a thought

  • MicrosoftPain •~•

    American Exceptionalism Discord Nitro is the only way that Discord is earning money from us, so already, they don't have much money to play around with. If you're saying that more people would buy it if the prices decreased, then you have to know how much to decrease without getting the price too low that profit is less than before.

    Discord was and is still is in a hard position, so we can't possibly blame them for not doing things as we want. Something as simple as adding a button can result in a major bug, which requires time and effort to fix. Especially with COVID-19, they likely have a decreased amount of staff working, which only adds to the stress they're under.

    By the way, I don't recall Discord ever going too deep into politics, so I don't understand that part of your argument. Please link or attach a message/image/video of them talking about lots of politics. I am interested to see your response.


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