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  • Havier

    It's your fault not Discord's that your account is vulnerable to hackers. Discord already has security features built in like 2FA, scanning messages and warning you of links.

    You are responsible for your account and it's security. You can keep your account secure by;

    - Not sharing any personal information.
    - Preforming security checks every once in a while and change your password or sometimes your email if you find suspicious activity.
    - Having a password that is longer than 14 characters, not easily guessable and contains Upper Cased, lower cased, numb3rs and $peci@l $ymbols.
    - Enabling Two Factor Authentication.
    - Having a back up email as a backdoor into your account if it does get hacked.

  • Beatrice ▽

    Hello there,

    You can make your report notification from the section, they cannot provide instant support from here.

    Hopefully your problem will be solved as soon as possible

    Best Regards,


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