A server with no moderator and no admin


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  • MicrosoftPain •~•

    The name of the user is Deleted User 5b7a0f71#1133, but it isn't an actual deleted user. You can still do things with the account, for example, message, friend and block it. So, if everything else above is true, then it's likely that the user just didn't moderate the server at all.

    If you want to see an example of a real deleted user, check one of the server's channels called #resources. In there, you can find a real deleted user, which name is "Deleted User". If you try to message or block the user, Discord will not respond with anything. Next time you see a user that you think is deleted, try to interact with it first.

    Note: I am not a Discord staff member.

  • Agent Thonk

    Well the lack of admins and Mods on the server isn't Discord's problems it's the server managers problem. They should be responsible of their own servers.


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