Make profile banner for all Nitro users, don't exclude classic.


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  • teilty

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    the newly introduced banner feature, is now open to everyone.and i want to tell you about a problem i have:
    As you know, normally there was only server boost difference between nitro classic and nitro.

    I use discord in my native language and I realized that some privileges are not in my native language and do not appear conspicuously, when I realized that I could not put a banner after purchasing nitro classic.

    I just wanted to buy a nitro to use the banner feature, but discord doesn't give me this right

    I cannot upgrade my subscription until the subscription I purchased has expired. by the way, i bought a nitro for my purpose and i'm not happy about it as i haven't been able to fulfill my purpose.

    As a result, due to the carelessness of discord administrators and developers, maybe a few people like me have experienced a similar situation.
    My newly purchased nitro is a complete waste of money for me.
    I want a discount ($5 instead of $10) for an upgrade with boosted nitro, or I request a refund. 

  • 舒翌 ‹𝟹

    I've been a classic Nitro user for months because as a college student I can't afford the more expensive version, and I have been very satisfied with the features, my favorite being the gif pfp, which is shared across both versions of Nitro. There should be no reason that the banner feature is exclusive to the 10$ Nitro as it is just a cosmetic. If this decision was made just to get people to upgrade, I am very disappointed and am almost tempted to cancel my current subscription. I am basically paying for the 10$ version of Nitro including the two discounted boosts I have, so why keep a feature from someone sending you money every month? You should allow static pngs for non Nitro users and gif banners for all nitro users. This makes more sense in the long run because more people will sub to a cheaper Nitro in order to get such features. Simple cosmetics should not be pay to use, and gifs should not be put behind a more expensive bar.

  • 𝐃𝐨𝐩𝐞𝐲.

    I've had Classic Nitro for well over a year now (coming up on 2) and this has been what all of my friends and myself have been saying as of late. I love the classic nitro system seeing I'd have no use for boosts and I like the chat/preexisting customization perks.
    Hiding a profile banner behind a double-price paywall is pretty slimy if you ask me. Imagine being on Twitter and they start asking you for money to keep your profile header or to make posts that are more than the normal character limit- would seem ridiculous, right? There's a lot of people who don't have extra cash for the Classic Subscription, let alone the Normal Subscription- give Non-Nitro users solid PNG or solid color banners, and give Nitro users GIF access. 

    (Not to mention that the color picker for the non-$10-nitro banner always chooses the ugliest color in your pfp to use)

  • sun boi

    give perks for nitro classic subscription like banner else like i don't want to boost any of the server just chat along i have 13 months of nitro classic subscription which is now completely useless for me,


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