Allow the creation of permanent threads.


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  • nickburnsap

    I second this, for my teams purposes we use threads on slack to have full, permanent conversation but without clogging up the entire chat. Sometimes coming back to them days later to check what was said.


    Agree completely. It is a very useful feature and I wouldn't care to pay a boost or two to have it in my server.

  • benedikt.eggers

    Would improve our communication ways a lot!

  • Mark Belain

    Just discovering threads existed led me here, because I automatically assumed they were permanent and was just hoping to find out how to make them so.

    So yeah, obviously a desired feature, here.

  • Tamkish

    After using threads for a while, I realized that they do not get deleted nor they get blocked for continuing the discussion. They just don't show in the side bar, but still appear under the message that it's based on. This way things don't get messy with a lot of threads that are used just occasionally, and there's still way for anyone to renew the archived thread. I am pretty satisfied with how they did it.

  • Mark Belain

    The archival process isn’t as good as it sounds, because there is still a layer of difficulty in finding a thread once it’s archived itself - ESPECIALLY if there are many.

  • benedikt.eggers

    Yes, archiving threads is not bad at all. But finding and reopen them is not that good.

  • Sinshine

    I would really like permanent threads or some way of easily seeing all threads including archived ones right from a channel without havinig to dig. Even if you could just pin the message of a thread having been created, that would be a HUGE help.

  • CriticalHitx10

    I too would like threads to be permanent, it would make my chat management alot easier for servers I admin and the ones I create.

  • TheHonorableBandit

    Same as everyone else here, just the discovery of Threads alone brought me here.
    Permanent Threads and the ability to collapse the Threads within a channel would be great.

  • Mark Belain

    As much as this might be shooting myself in the foot,
    I have to admit threads are ALMOST easy to recover on a rather IYKYK basis.
    I can understand how Discord might want to monetize something like threads in order to keep demands balanced by funding, so I'm not 100% "permanent threads" anymore.

    That said, though... Even if we adjusted to them archiving all the time, developing a way to "see archived," "pin archive," or just find threads without the search bar so as to save us from creating duplicate threads.... I wonder if that's really where the answer lies.

  • CibbΞrs

    Having just used threads to create a set of sub channels, for guides on my server, i have just discovered that a few days later, all that hard work has been deleted. I'm gutted. 
    These need to be left on there permanently. 

  • Cupcake

    I use threads for channel rules and general category information, because these aren't used for active conversations they become archived. I find that if the threads button on the navigation bar doesn't signify there are active threads, people don't look even if the archived information is important! I would love permanent threads or at the very least, allow the thread button to display the number active and archived threads!

  • Julianne Nicole Andrews

    Bot to keep them alive. Sad this has to be modded instead of a standard feature.


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