Banners Should Be Available To All Nitro Users (In-Depth)


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  • Hakari

    I agree, Discord Classic is slowly becoming useless.. If someone does not want to server boost, and want extended text (which in my opinion is worthless we aren't coding inside of a discord server or anything.) at the very least they should give all nitro users a banner changer.. They locked stickers behind it (i find pointless because we have gifs for free) pretty soon, they're just gonna end up making all classic users mad and drop the subscription all together.

  • Lion

    Absolutely correct, I’m going to cancel my classic subscription because it’s basically becoming useless, I buy classic because I don’t need the two server boosts added to the 10$ nitro. It used to be that they had the same perks and you were paying for the boosts in the other one. Now all the features are being added to the 10$ service…even stickers. Those should be free.

  • Lïam

    I cancelled my subscription, and sadly stopped gifting as well. (Affected are more than understandable and even support my decision)

    Since I'm mainly on mobile, the features you say users have no use for, on mobile, they barely even exist.

    Locking banners and stickers behind 5 bucks more has felt like a slap to the face.

    On top of what you said, I've no interest to downright no use for boosting because all servers are either already rank 1, or are miles away from rank 2 and 3, so the boosts would, in a literal sense, do absolutely nothing.

    All in all, especially in times like these, the changes felt like an insult.

    I'm absolutely fine with increased character limit, being able to join more servers etc. and even features like even more increased upload limit over classic, however, I'm absolutely against locking vital social interaction features behind a higher paywall.

  • ambrosian

    Agreed, I’ve had Nitro for about a year now; and it’s disappointing to find out what I’m paying for is practically useless.

  • MarkVCJ

    Actually banners should be 100% free to all users not just nitro if you go on any website like Facebook or any other type of social media website you have full customization for free from fully customizing your profile picture to the background banner of your profile it's always 100% free discord is the only place where they charge you to customize your profile picture with gif or to charge you to have a banner as a background of your profile to make your profile look professional and nice, fully customizing your profile picture with normal pictures or gifts or background banners should be required for all users not just nitro, I don't care for anything I nitro so therefore there's no reason for me to need to pay 5$-10$ a month just put a background picture banner on my profile cuz I would be the only thing I would use for nitro While every other sites do it for free

  • Bumukan

    hard agree

  • -nxtdxny


  • Angroooo

    I can't agree more to this. I've been a classic user for well over a year now and then when banners are released I felt a bit left out when I don't pay the extra $7 (7 because i live in Australia.) Its also really upsetting to see people who have never supported Discord, through buying nitro for themselves, get a 3 month PREMIUM subscription for FREE while I've been supporting Discord every month and still no banner or stickers though server boosts and file sizes I can understand.

    I don't know if I am being too greedy but eversince banners came out I feel like I've been paying for something worthless for over a year now.

  • Undercoverfly

    Same here, I've unsubscribed and ain't planning on getting any subscription soon unless something is done

  • Infinite

    +1. I mean, the whole reason why I bought Nitro was for the Banner and all the other perks that came with it, that are useless in some aspects. I had Beta for Banners, and I wanted to try it out, but it turns out I couldn't because I had Nitro Classic. Why would you lock a common feature behind a paywall for 10$ a month when the 10$ a month Nitro's features are basically no different than Nitro Classic's. The only difference is that the 10$ a month Nitro's features are Stickers which isn't much different than Gifs, and it includes features from Nitro Classic.
    I see no point in locking it behind a paywall when the other Nitro doesn't even have enough benefits for me to upgrade, hell it isn't even worth it since I wanted 5$ a month because it is minimalistic and worth it in the long run. 
    On the other hand, other platforms simply don't lock banners behind a paywall because they are earning enough money already, and they simply don't care since it's a necessary feature for more users to go to their site/app, if you have to lock this feature behind a paywall, you're spending too much money for a simple communication platform for messaging & hanging out with your friends.
    The real question here is, "What is Discord trying to achieve and why?".

  • cyberbaby

    i think all users should be able to use banners. and nitro users can have access to gif banners. that way everyone would be satisfied. thats just my opinion though.

  • stevharve

    Guys, it's a cosmetic banner. If it means that much to you just upgrade nitro.

  • cyberbaby

    "just upgrade to nitro" not everyone has the money to spend on an app.

  • Hakari

    I think he`s suggesting to pay us all for discord nitro! What a nice guy, cant wait to enjoy my free subscription!

  • E ឵឵឵

    Yes I agree poggers

  • kumar

    thanks for the info


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