Nitro Booster Food Pack -- A Suggestion


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  • Brenda Johnson

    The "Nitro Booster Food Pack" concept suggests a collaboration between Discord, Grubhub, Fast Food Restaurants, and Twitch Prime to enhance the value of Nitro Server Booster Points. Valued at $4.99 per boost, many Nitro users, like myself, often underutilize these points due to various reasons. This proposal introduces a point system where, for example, two Nitro Boosts could translate into a $10 meal, possibly mirroring McDonald's breakfast prices. Additionally, integrating Twitch Prime as a partner would provide Discord users with more opportunities to utilize their Nitro Boosts effectively. This would not only encourage gifting Nitro but also create a more practical and enticing incentive for boosting servers. Delivery and pick-up options further ensure the convenience of this idea.


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