Is this "Solis" bot a scam or not?


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  • CrackHead

    doesnt look legit. better not risk it

  • WilfDa1

    Hello, i recently got this message also, im very confused and i cant find anything about it online.

  • 💖Phrog💖

    I just got this message yesterday and i have been ignoring it and i have also been searching online if it is a scam but nothing seems to show, I have received the same message 3 times the first one was on the 18th of oct and and the other two was on the 19th oct which is today. On the third time it pinged me and sent me the message.

  • SmartBacon87

    I got the message to and was extremely skeptical. Judging from the amount of people here with the same situation, I think it's just a mass scam. Especially with the "you MUST join rhe server" part of it just makes it incredibly suspicious.

  • ParanormqI

    I think it's a scam. I'd just block it and ignore it.

  • Keychain

    It's taking discord forever to approve my message, so here we go.
    Yes, It is a scam bot, the type that go around into people's servers spreading it to everyone

    My friend decided to add it to the server, and then removed it, without telling me.

    Just block it, it's not real in the slightest.

  • SpikyGames

    you know its a scam i have added him in my discord server i waited for 1 week but there were no boosts also went offline in my server and never came online he is a complete scam don't add him,NEVER

  • SpikyGames

    you can also see it in the image that keychain showed he was seen offline


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