Pingable role for events


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  • Hellomynameis99

    People who are "Interested" already do get notifications when an event starts (even if you uncheck "ping everybody"), but I agree that it is not very clear to the event organiser that this happens.


    I do think a pingable role for the group of "Interested" people would still be useful, so that an organiser can ping those interested people for reasons other than the start of the event (e.g. if the date and time of the event change, or to remind them a few hours in advance, or to ask them to do something related to the event before it starts).

  • Mr. Dibbs

    I would also like to express my interest in this feature. I think it would be useful to be able to ping everyone interested in a particular event through some means.

  • hujkis

    +1 for this. Not just for when event is live, but also before the event starts.


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