Ожидание ответа сервер Yanıtlandı
6 oy 16 yorum
Allow @mentions to be used only by specific roles Yanıtlandı
3273 oy 14 yorum
Invisible Status Mutes the Notifications Your Friends Recieve Yanıtlandı
-3 oy 11 yorum
saving changes Yanıtlandı
9 oy 10 yorum
How to Appeal Yanıtlandı
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discord should keep backups of servers, incase one is deleted for a bad reason Yanıtlandı
19 oy 7 yorum
My account got disabled for no reason what's so ever Yanıtlandı
0 oy 7 yorum
Discord account unfairly disabled Yanıtlandı
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Raiders in Discord Yanıtlandı
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Discord Developer Portal Error Yanıtlandı
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My Server Moderation Suggestions Yanıtlandı
8 oy 6 yorum
text channels visable but not accessible Yanıtlandı
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Being able to edit your online status per server Yanıtlandı
28 oy 6 yorum
GitHub account link Yanıtlandı
30 oy 6 yorum
-3 oy 6 yorum
A sort of folder system for organizing servers you're part of Yanıtlandı
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#BANEOS Yanıtlandı
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gif as profile picture Yanıtlandı
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제가 주로 쓰던 계정이 갑자기 비활성화가 되었습니다. Yanıtlandı
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-24 oy 5 yorum
IP Ban people Yanıtlandı
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Number of Max servers Yanıtlandı
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Role permission for mention roles. Yanıtlandı
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Server-specific Profile Pictures Yanıtlandı
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Role management Yanıtlandı
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Can we please log when people delete their own messages? Yanıtlandı
1 oy 5 yorum
connect discord account to ps4 Yanıtlandı
48 oy 5 yorum
-7 oy 5 yorum
How do you mute a entire text channel for the entire server Yanıtlandı
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Re-enable email notifications Yanıtlandı
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