Do not move forward with the username change
221 oy 25 yorum
Name change = Community Disservice
104 oy 7 yorum
96 oy 5 yorum
Please don't remove the username number discriminators
92 oy 13 yorum
Removal of discriminator concerns
89 oy 10 yorum
are you kidding with the new usernames
76 oy 4 yorum
Username system changes are a flawed idea and here's why
73 oy 5 yorum
New Username Rollout, and How it Really Affects the Community
68 oy 4 yorum
The new username change is dumb
68 oy 4 yorum
The username change is the worst decision Discord has ever made
66 oy 5 yorum
New name system is a cringe and why is this so
56 oy 2 yorum
Time zone converter for profiles
53 oy 2 yorum
Please Don't Remove Discriminators
41 oy 3 yorum
Don't remove discriminators pleasee!!
40 oy 4 yorum
Keep the Discrimators
34 oy 3 yorum
Username change is more worthless than you think
32 oy 2 yorum
Number of posts able to be pinned on Forums
31 oy 5 yorum
Change filter tag in forum from OR to AND
29 oy 0 yorum
On Username Rollouts: Just Ask!
28 oy 0 yorum
Ability to collapse forums
28 oy 15 yorum
Forum - move post to another forum channel
28 oy 10 yorum
[Username Update] Discord is Embarrassing
26 oy 2 yorum
username change is bad as expected
25 oy 7 yorum
Do not remove the numerical discriminators!
25 oy 1 yorum
dont change the usernames!!
25 oy 1 yorum
Discord Events Optimization
25 oy 10 yorum
During Covid my Discord Username used to be my second identity
24 oy 3 yorum
This username change is going to be a backwards step!
23 oy 1 yorum
I am sad about the #number tags going away
23 oy 2 yorum